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tool for editing and where i can find them

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Every good level editor (WadAuthor, DeepSea etc) should have a check for bugs in the map. As for scripts I can only say for ACS, and it's compiler will compain about syntax errors.

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MagnuM said:

Is there any tools that can check for errors and script bugs the slow down gameplay?

AFAIK, I don't think you'll find anything that checks for script bugs that slow down gameplay. As Tarin mentioned, ACS will check the script syntax and will not compile the script if it has errors. It may not be your scripts that are causing a slowdown; it could be a high level of detail in your map, or a great number of enemies present at one time. Also, have you considered including a reject table to your wad? It could speed things up.

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Hey if you know of the where abouts of any of these tools, make sure to tell me.


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