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Even if you don't make content, you are still a valued member of this community: a brief diatribe

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I'm a player 100% of the time, and also a very small content creator on YouTube. I play and record/livestream Doom games, WADs and also mods which are really solid products made by this awesome community. Thanks for the kind words!

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I appreciate this post, even if I'm a few days late. I am 100% a lurker, but do enjoy consuming the massive amount of doom content that this community creates. I love viewing forums and an active community of my most favorite game franchise of all time.


The fact that it is so alive after all these decades is what especially feels great to me. Doom has always been a part of my life, and I don't think that will ever change. It almost feels like it's a part of me, like some sort of personality trait that I have (that may not be the right term for it, and sounds kinda corny, but that's just how it feels to me). My three favorite Doom content creators are Doomkid, Zero Master, and Vinesauce Joel (his mapping contests specifically) (Civvie 11, Decino, and Karl Jobst are honorable mentions as well) and I just love reading things on here. I love that John Romero made Sigil, played Doom Eternal and MyHouse.wad, and just how active he can be as well. I just love this community, and the amazing content everyone creates. 


I made a post years ago about Doom Eternal and how everyone was hyped for it coming out, and mentioned that I had started learning/working on map creating. That's been on and off since then, but I've finally begun to dedicate legitimate time to a 24 level wad called "Siege & Prevail" which will purely use vanilla assets with limit removing functionality. It's gonna essentially be my love letter to the franchise and ideas I've had for a "enhanced vanilla" style of gameplay and level design. I know that's been done hundreds upon hundreds of times but it'll be my spin on it.


Anywho I'm getting a bit off track, thank you for posting this. I don't feel obligated necessarily to give back to the community, I want to give back, and I plan on doing so soon. I really enjoy writing, so I plan on playing through, then posting intricate and detailed reviews of my favorite wads, mods, total conversions, and everything in between.

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I've literally just copied stuff other people made and still feel like a big shot.


Jokes aside, let's all join in a community-wide hug. There wouldn't be a Doom community without ALL of you here. Without you I'd be gushing about PlayStation Doom all by myself and that's not (that) fun.

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As long I know there is even 1 person out there who has played any of my Doom mods and wads and left some kind of feedback for them or had some enjoyment out of playing them (even if it's for something I thought was complete shit lol), then it's all worth it.

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I s'pose this applies to me. Just got back into Doom after many years away and am loving the wads and mods I'm playing, but I have no interest in making anything myself, and even if I wanted to I have no art, programming, or just general computer skills whatsoever. It once took me three solid months to make a two-hour visual novel with no gameplay and prefab assets; anything more than that would make my head explode.


Thanks so much to all the people who contribute to this community... even if I'm not your fellow, I am your audience.

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On 6/24/2023 at 4:58 AM, Catpho said:

You didn't misremember: there was a site named Doom Zone. Seems its existence is poorly documented (not a mention on Doom wiki, but then again not even arcades3d gets an article), compounded by the super common name (searching brings up the DZone compilation often) I only stumbled on it through your vague mention of DoHom and Cabro. Too bad that it is unreadable to me as Chrome doesn't wanna translate it for some reason, but good find.

(Sorry for the derail from Cammy's wholesome post :P)

Well, I'll be damned. :D The last update on that page was a little over 20 years ago(!!!). Where has all the time gone?
The name was quite common back then, yes, and it doesn't help that there's a zdoom mod with the same name (quite fun from what I recall). I'm not sure why it wouldn't translate; my Firefox extensions don't seem to register a non-English language either. I speak Spanish, however, so at least I don't need to translate the page. Many of the updates are Doom 3 talk--such as rumours of Reznor being kicked off the project, which makes sense considering the year. Most of the links don't work, such as their maps section. A shame, it would've been interesting to browse through. I don't think a lot of the people in that community went to or got featured anywhere else. DZ seems to have only been active for two years, too. I wonder why.

Thank you for finding that! It's a nice nostalgia trip from...different times in my life. Mostly good, though!

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