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Name some artistic mappers

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6 minutes ago, Daytime Waitress said:

Doom's a big ocean, brother - get them floaties on!

// Gonna Need a Frigate at the bare Minimum...

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13 hours ago, The BMFG said:

@Clippy has always been good when it comes to visual designs in his maps imo 


lol was not expecting to be mentioned here but thanks buddy - I doubt this myself as it's what I feel I'm weakest at - I just have fun making wacky monster scenarios, gimmicks and hiding secrets, but I never had an eye for how the map actually looks :P

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Is 'artistic' in this thread just being used as a shorthand for "makes great-looking maps" or are we allowed to cite mappers with a flair for creative and original concepts?

Because I'd be damned if I didn't give @scwiba a shout for Absolutely Killed and the Un[x] series at least.

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