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Do you think GZDoom should have texture filtering on by default?

Do you think GZDoom should have texture filtering on by default?  

362 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you think GZDoom should have texture filtering on by default?

    • Yes, texture filtering should be ON by default
    • No, texture filtering should be OFF by default

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1 minute ago, Kinsie said:

Frankly, as far as GZDoom contributors go, I think _mental_ deserves a lot more praise than he gets for pretty much single-handedly keeping the Mac version afloat. It's not a platform with a lot of users or attention, but bless 'im, he's giving them one less reason to reach for the Windows VM.

That's exactly why I objected to this description of the GZDoom project. Graf is the author of a lot of big important stuff, but trust me, if you removed all the other contributors from that list you'd get a quite gimped version of what GZDoom has become today.

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, baja blast rd. said:

expecting anyone to keep up with a 400+ post forum thread with lots of long posts in a timely fashion (or at all) is asking way too much imo, regardless of involvement with the subject matter, especially when it's pretty far from the 1st time this discussion has been had. not everyone has the hours to fritter away and forums are not an obligatory quick-reply medium like Twitter/Reddit/Discord that seems to have rewritten people's expectations of time scales. there's plenty of things to lol Graf for but not participating in this thread is not one of those. (ftr I've only been skimming this thread for images/memes and fresh pasta.)

That would be fine, but he actually made a post in this thread although it wasn't related to this subject. So he's cleary aware of this.


Also, this thread was made when Graf and Scuba started arguing about filtering and he asked about proof that general public doesn't like filters (Something that Rata proved and even Romero itself agrees that it should turned off).


I mean, he doesn't need yo participate here but  there are other threads derived from this that give a lot of workarounds of this thing...


Keeping dead silence about this topic looks pretty bad tbh.

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29 minutes ago, Lucius Wooding said:

Don't pretend that hedging with the "if" means anything. You said it in that way to be provocative on purpose.


Actually I was trying to be as accurate as I can be with my speculaton. Choosing not to make a clear statement does possibly imply many things and what I said fits to the pattern based on me observing Graf's behaviour in the past. 


29 minutes ago, Lucius Wooding said:

Clearly you're taking it as a personal offense that you're being ignored and trying to claim Graf is being a dick when he's done nothing like a personal attack against you.


You serously need to stop getting triggered by specific words I use and read my posts rationally and calmly. Graf totally seems bit of dck atleast what comes to some things, this texture filtering issue being one of them.  It's true that I don't like him but I am giving him atleast benefit of the doubt and a chance to address this issue properly. It's actually you who seems to act like he hasn't ever done anything wrong. 


8 minutes ago, Redneckerz said:

Calling him a coward isn't going to do jack shit other than to piss people off.


And that is exactly the problem with low standards of discussion here, even if I woud had actually claimed him to be a coward, without me giving actual merit to base it on, why me saying it even would had mattered? People are simply gettng triggered by use of certain words, even if they are meant to be just as a opinion. Some people in this discussion seem to be just defending Graf without engaging with the actual discussion so I am just trying point out that main developer of publicly available and very popular source port should need to handle public relations better to maintain the public good will. The way this specfic issue has been handled does make him beng a coward a valid speculation due there not being more official statement in the past or engagement with the issue in this discussion.


33 minutes ago, Redneckerz said:

Because those products are maintained by a large network of developers or are resolved in a foundation, whereas GZDoom has a single, primary developer, Christoph Oelckers (Graf Zahl). And Graf has his private work next to this - GZDoom is a hobbyist project, unlike GIMP/Libreoffice.


But that is exactly the thing, the change requested here is within what a hobbyist project can do easily and would be one step closer to industry standards. Do people just have no sense of scale? My point was that despite the difference in scale, we are talking about free products that should always aim meet quality standards of a paid product, with Unity port and design trends GZDoom being closest standard setters for GZDoom.


47 minutes ago, Redneckerz said:

Can you just please stop with this kind of suggestive reasoning? It is very uncalled for to do this kind of thing because like i said, its only provocative and leads to nothing.


It's not meant to be suggestive, it's literally my genuine attempt at trying to point out that there could be valid reasons for Graf not giving instant response. One very strong possiblity in my mind is that people criticising his personal preference being the default is actually something he is very insecure about and thats why there has not been any kind of real compromise on this issue from his side.


56 minutes ago, Redneckerz said:

If i were going to do the same thing but to you, you would get upset aswell because that's what my intent would be. I really want to believe your intent isn't to rile up anyone but with crapshoot statements like these placed inbetween i feel you aren't doing this on accident.


Worded like I personally word things, I wouldn't get upset. And it's extremely likely that my main priority would be debunk what you said, not being upset. People are claiming all kinds of thing about my motives in this discussion, it's not making me upset and explaining my motivations is more relevant thing to do. There are simply patterns in the way I communicate that trigger some people.

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Posted (edited)

It's Graf's pizzahlria, he can put pineapple on his pizzas by default if that's what he likes, even if a large amount of customers order without, and it causes an endless internet argument about something ultimately inconsequential, because it's still the best damn pizza in the country.


I'm hungry.

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