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baja blast rd.

Your favorite doom airplanes and flying craft (not spam)

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Much like the slightly earlier UAC_DEAD, the classic 1994 wad Galaxia has the player escaping in a stylish spaceship. I'm not sure about the utility of computer terminals on the outside, but I approve of the spider-like landing gear.




In a very similar vein, the 10 Sectors standout MAP25 ends its long trek of incredible floor/ceiling height change abuse with another escape craft. Those boosters are made of midtextures!




Abandoning escape craft for... entrance craft (?) we have Phobos: Anomaly Reborn starting off with quite the crash landing. It looks like you've made yourself a door, so you better get to it, there's hours of tedium interspersed with Boom effects waiting across the threshold.




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i actually don't know if those things from the secret levels of whitemare 2 ("pillars of creation" and "green madness") are spaceships or not but they kind of feel like it, i guess i should ask dragon hunter (i added the texts that show before each of them)



"It seems that the ancient evil that came from distant cold depths of space, is located here. And you disturbed it's sleep."



"You've come to the center of cosmic evil, and many battles will follow, until the waves of hellish invasion you awakened will subside."

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This thread makes me happy and now I want to hunt all these WADs down for more than just aircraft sightings. Plutonia 2's was the most recent one I saw.

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I know that My House is pretty mainstream these days, but I am shocked it hasn't been mentioned in this thread.


I think that the airplane in that one is very well done.








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On 7/2/2023 at 6:42 PM, NaZa said:

Another shameless self promotion here with the Winnebago that inadvertently made me hate the 1px grid... plus a Millenium Falcon by Doom_RO which is frankly difficult to capture without flying. MAP01 of DBP24: Spaceballs: The Sequel: The Search for More DBP Maps for both.





Makes me wish you were more involved with the new DBPs :(
Your maps have always been fantastic!

As for the topic at hand, last aircraft I recall was from a Doom Negative One map - there were planes with revs that you had to shoot down while you ascend some kind of military tower base. Cool stuff.

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