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It had been a frontier for the planet. It had been a way to end all the shit that happened in Hell. It was a way t make sure that the king of darkness stopped sitting on his fat ass all day plotting destruction. Collecting all the Hellspawn that people found and changing them - totally. First they would change their brainwaves so that only the scientists working on the project could control their actions and emotions, then they would increase their abilities, intellect and strength. That was... until it all went wrong.
"It's ready!" Professor Morgan cried, "Oh, joyeous day! My brutal, painstaking work is once again complete!".
"Get over it, doc!" Marine Gartham replied, "So we stole and caged a bunch of demons and flowed some frugs in 'em. So what?", "So what?" Morgan asked, "SO WHAT??? It's so we can stop the Hell invasion and save the planet!"
"So if I inject some shit into my forearm I'm saving the world?"
"No, no, no, no! We are going to use the underworld's forces against them! But bigger, stronger and basically better, though!"
"Look, doc, if I wanted to save the world, I woulda ripped out my chaingun and blew the guts outta those..."
Suddenly there was a huge explosion. The base shook with intensity, and computers fell from their desks. "What's going on?" Morgan cried, and ran to the deck. He looked down and gasped. Gartham ran along too and did the same. Below them was the largest Demon they ever saw, it's teeth as tall as street pole, and a hulking body over eight times its usual size. It marched out of the room and roared up at the professor and marine. "It's escaped!" Morgan screamed, "Oh, treacherous day!", "Shut up, doc! It'll hear you!" Gartham whispered. But it was no use. The professor was screaming and crying, "Oh, all is lost! Why, why, WHY?!? Why couldn't I have just made them obey us first???", "DOC, SHUT UP!" Gartham bellowed. That did it. The demon immediately looked up and howled.
The demon sprang up and smashed the deck. Morgan and Gartham fell to the ground like stones. "Oh, no! Oh, no! OH NO! NO! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" The doctor screamed as the beast ran towards him. The creature roared and bent down its head to feed. Its large paw smashed down on Morgan's head and crushed it. Morgan's brains and blood blasted around the area like some hideous firework. Eventually the hulking monstrosity ripped open the professor's stomach and began to eat upon his internal organs. Gartham screamed and bolted for the corridor. The beast immediately got up and looked at him, Morgan's body lying on the floor like a broken toy. The demon cried as if in agonising pain and fell to the floor. Gartham stopped and turned around to see. Small pouches appeared on the demon's back. They began moving around like eggs.

Like eggs...

Gartham didn't waste any time. As soon as he started running the puches burst and out of them came at least thiry or fourty smaller demons. They began shaking off the mucus from the puches and immediately ran after the marine, their spawner close behind. fifty-seven demon roars filled the corridor that were covered in rotting corpses and painted with blood. Gartham ran as fast as he could, but four legs are better than two and the tiny demons were catching up. Eventually, Gartham just gave up and opened his backpack. Inside was a rocket launcher and plenty of ammunition. Perfect. Quick as the crack of a whip, Gartham stopped and pulled out his rocket launcher, blasting at the horde of monsters before him. Demon gutsflew around like a fountain, covering the walls an evil brown. Eventually the akimbo of rockets stopped. The ammo had ran clean. And too bad, too. All that was left wasd the mother demon, and it looked like she was about to start it all over again. The pouches swelled up like bubbles, fit to burst. Gartham just stopped. He noticed an 'In case of fire' box and ran towards it. The axe inside shone like fire. The marine ran towards the demon and gave it a blow on the head with the axe. It screamed in bain. Another chop. More blood. Chop. Scream. Chop. Blood. Chop chop chop chop. Then Gartham braced himself for the final blow. One huge chop that severed the creature's head from its body in one final swish. The pouches began to reverse their process. The egg-like things melted away and stopped. Blood awashed the floor.

The demon was dead.

And Gartham wasn't.

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Damn, that demon mother must've taken like ten million chops from that axe to die.

Nice ideas you've got, but number one, the story picks up much too fast. No. 2, there are some spelling mistakes that you should be able to deal with yourself. No. 3, some more vivid descriptions could've done nicely.

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Nice effort, and fairly original. Like dsm said theres a few spelling/syntax things to sort out. "Blood awashed the floor", for instance, is bad grammar. You'd have to say that "the floor was awashed with blood", and even then it's dubious as awash can usually only relate to water, so just use wash and keep it simple :)

But I quite enjoyed the story

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