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Zdaemon Error

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Whenever I try to run zlauncher.exe I get this.

Everything unzipped in its own folder, with doom2.wad.


Yes, I'm new to multiplayer. No shit. :P

Edit: zdaemon103_bin.zip

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That file should be in your Windows' System folder. Try copying it to your ZDaemon folder. If you cant find the file, HERE is mine (Windows 2000, up to date). Only unzip this to your ZDaemon folder, dont use it for anything else, because other application may not find this the right version.


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Works for '98 too? I'll try to find it.

mfc42.dll is now in my zdaemon folder, and I'm still getting the EXACT same error. Sucks.

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You need to register the DLL, you cannot just copy it to the folder
Make a copy of the REGSVR.EXE program into the directory that contains the MFC42.DLL that you want to register.

Exit to the MS-DOS prompt.

Change directories to the directory that contains the MFC42.DLL

Use the command line REGSVR MFC42.DLL

This should register the MFC42.DLL
to the system registry.

Exit from the MS-DOS prompt.
Or: START>RUN type in REGSVR C:/games/doom2/zdoomwin/zdaemon/

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Well Fod, I followed your directions to get the excact same error. Um, yeah. o_O

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To resolve this issue, download and install the Windows Libraries Update. To do this:
Visit the following Microsoft Web site:
microsoft search

In the Search By area, click Keywords.
In the Keywords box, type libraries update.
In the Operating System box, click the appropriate operating system, and then click Find It.
Click the link that is returned, and then follow the instructions on the screen to install the Microsoft Libraries Update.

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