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Thinking about dropping the developement of TA

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Q: WTH is TA? What's this topic about?

A: TA stands for "Technology Arena", a deathmatch megawad I started brainstorming the idea of developing a brand new wad right after the release of clan -=IV=-'s wad, vexdoom.wad, and watching the Doom 3 Technology at MacWorld Presentation, approximately 2 years ago.

I've been thinking a lot, about whether I should continue working on my deathmatch megawad that I started 2 years ago. Till now, only about 1 or 2 maps are finished, since I've been messing around with the pixel issues of making custom textures, plus I had poor experience with mapping during back then. Besides, I never had pro-dm mappers to work with. Apparently map01 and dwango5 map1 are the most played dm maps on Zdaemon nowadays. As a matter of fact, most newbies/veterans(yes, veterans, but still...) who don't know the tactics of map01 just simply hate it, instead they would prefer d5m1. With the release of Udm2 by Ralphis, Deathwarrior, and Chrono, appparently people who play on Zdaemon nowadays are still sticking with map1 or d5m1, which is amazingly sad. Therefore I doubt the release of my deathmatch megawad will apply much of affection on interests of the public. In the end, I'm thinking about dropping the development of "Technology Arena" and getting move on to something else that I'm interested in right now, such as computer generating graphics. Well, I was wondering if anyone gives a sh!t about this!?

Unless there is people interested in collaborating, otherwise I probably will drop the project officially.

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Personally I think you should keep on it, but realistically I see a lot of DMer's content to just play the old standards. Which is fine, and to a degree perfectly understandable. DM levels simply don't get much press so it's hard for players to find new stuff that everyone wants to play.

I'm trying to change that with my DM level review site Discharge. I tried sending you an email to see if you wanted to help with it but it got returned as undeliverable. I think a LvL style site might get DM levels the attention they need, and it'd be an easy way for players to find decent levels to play. I'm hoping to get it hosted here (as DW has by far the largest deathmatching population), but will look elsewhere if they decline. If I can find a permanent home for it, I'll be looking to get a few people to help keep a fresh flow of reviews running through it. If not, then I'll just leave it where it is and keep working on it by myself.

So by all means, keep working on your DM pack. Sooner or later people are going to get into playing new wads, and there might as well be some good ones waiting when they do.

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Hmm, Let me make this brief. If you'd like to take the job of writing reviews for MP maps, you're definitely welcome to Doomcon. I'd say this will be a pretty stable website for it. This was originally given by Nightfang and now running by Raider. Contact me through email if you can next time, viocop@inbox.net if you're interested or through irc @ irc.freenode.net #Zdaemon. You may as well transfer all the work you've done to our site and fill the slots out. That will be some amazing enrichments we will be more than appreciated to obtain. I am also looking forward to hire a web designer to redesign our current site using LvL style. If you think you're capable of doing it, you're more than welcome to join us.

Edit: If you'd like to contribute maps for TA project, please direct to the following thread

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its realy upto the people hosting the servers that gets the multiplayer wads out....so basicly multiplayer megawads are the way to go...... to bad most people cant host servers that are fast enuf to promote a wad or else we have more people playing/more people creating....

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