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Naked Snake

Freedoom stuff

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I'm insanely bored and stuff, so, I'll go through FreeDoom's new stuff in lists and describe them and hell, I'll even throw a story in here.

A.G.M., these are the initials for the American Geno-tech Manufacturers, a multi-national corporation with ties to R.I.C., T.Y.C., L.O.L. and the U.A.F.F., as well as many dummy companies used to bring in more funds and to dump excess money. The A.G.M. have been developing cures for the last 40 years, their sucesses in the medical field are astounding. AIDS is all but gone, so is Herpes, some Cancers, Blindness and other ailments, either accuired during the course of life or from the start. But what the public doesn't know is what research goes on in it's other labs...the ones never seen by all but the top government officials. Terrible things, unspeakable acts are commited here. These men and women of the A.G.M. play God daily and hardly bat an eye at such atrocities they help create. Those that were once dead have been restored as ruthless killing machines, animals have been altered severely to serve diabolical purposes and new beings have been created from artificial DNA. You are a member of ARKANGEL, a very top secret U.N. funded agency. Your job is simple. Kill whatever they tell you, destroy whatever they so wish and save whatever they desire. You are a killing machine, a fearless warrior with skills only few others in ARKANGEL share. Computer hacker, armed and unarmed combat, you can speak 9 languages fluently, medicine, lockpicking and other attributes are on the long list of your skills. Recently, the A.G.M.'s pets have gone berserk and rebelled against their creators. They've escapes the labs and have flooded onto the streets, the facilities and deep underground, among other places. Your job is to lead the strike and clear the damn things out and save the world from these unholy beasts. Your objectives are simple : kill anything that wants to kill you, stay alive and end this invasion.


Fists - hey, face it, when things get rough, you gotta get tough. Though not very strong, when you nab an Adrenaline Pack, your punch sure as Hell gets the job done.

Buzzsaw - Used primarily by fire departments to tear through things quickly, it does in a pinch when you too need to chop through stuff in a hurry.

12mm Pistol - have gun, will travel. Not very powerful, it does provide you with some protection and you can use this on weaker enemies to save ammo too.

Slugger - this is the Shotgun of the future, my friend. It still uses standard 12 gauge shells, but the "slammer" pump lets you cock this quick to get back into the game easily.

Sawed off Double Barrel Shotgun - an ornate weapon that delivers two barrels of buckshot into the flesh of your enemy. A choice weapon for close to medium range, but if you need to pick things off from a distance, the Slugger is a better choice.

MAR-55 - a lightweight assault weapon that uses 12 mm rounds as its ammunition of choice. It can shower an area with lead pretty fast but it can get inaccurate when fired in long bursts, short bursts are much more accurate.

OMARL - the One Man Army Rocket Launcher is the unofficial name for this weapon. It is a prime choice for when you don't want to be weighed down with heavy missiles and a heavy weapon. A single rocket weighs about a pound and can let out massive gobs of death.

Energy Cannon - the inventor designed this for the cutting of soft things from a distance which would help construction workers, but the A.G.M., with the help of L.O.L., had other plans. Cutting ANYTHING, be it metal, stone or flesh.

??? - this is a prototype weapon and is unnamed. It shoots out a ball of energy and when it blows up, it sends out invisible waves that kill anything with a pulse (or ojbects that can be destroyed) that doesn't seem to be carrying the weapon that fired the blast.

ENEMIES (only the ones that are done)

Living Corpses - these bodies were revived by the A.G.M. and when the "revolt" started, they grabbed guns and started shooting anything human. They can carry either a 12 mm pistol or a Slugger...though there may be some that got ahold of better firepower...

Slids - creepy things that shoot balls of venom from their clawed hands or rip you with their razor talons. They slither around like snakes and have a hiss to match.

Mouthers - disgusting describes this things apperance pretty well. It gets close to you, opens its mouth and emits an invisible gas to harm you, as it has no teeth. Some have developed a natural camoflauge which makes them hard to see.

Fire Skulls - the A.G.M.'s first attempts at reviving the dead. The product was...unstable. They seemed to grow odd protrusions that look like horns and since the skulls are light, they fill up with hot air produced by the fire, allowing them to fly.

Glarfs - nobody knows who coined the name Glarf in the labs, but it stuck. These things produce massive ammounts of electric in their brain, which can be emmited from their single eye. Don't get too close to them either.

Fragging Blobs - ugh, these creatures are just weird. They were originally planned to be 8 foot tall titans built of sheer muscle with twin rocket launchers on the shoulders, however, a few mathmatical miscaculations produced this slimey gob of ugly, though they still decided it was useful enough so they slapped the rocket launchers on it anyway.


Health Drinks - these odd drinks give you a healing effect and can raise your health up to 200%.

Medication Packs - they contain various medications needed to survive after getting a beating. They raise your health by 10%

First Aid Kits - oh baby, grab these if you're low on health, as they raise your health by 25%!

Armor Boosters - they attach to your ARKSUIT and give you a 1% boost in protection.

Security Vest (green) - good for light stuff, it provides you with 100% protection.

Combat Vest (red) - whoa baby! This vest provides you with much needed protection and saves your butt from getting slaughtered quickly. It gives you 200% armor.


Life Orb - gives you a 100% boost in health, up to 200%

Power Orb - gives you an automatic 200% health and armor rating.

Mouther Orb - this provides you with a coating of the stuff that some Mouthers produce naturally, making you harder to see. Too bad it doesn't last for very long.

God Orb - this makes you totally immune to pain for a limited time

Backpack - it sucks not being able to hold some of that extra ammo you come across, but with this, you can stow more ammo.

Amplification Goggles - they use imaging arrays to make dark areas appear lighter. Helpful, especially when you don't want to die in the dark

N.B.C. Suit - put this gear on to save your skin from extreme heat or caustic fluids, radiation and other lethal anomalies in the environment

Adrenaline Pack - this box contains various drugs used to heal you quickly and give you an insanely high dosage of "Madaphene", a synthetic Adrenaline to boost your strength.

Ok, yeah...feel free to add stuff / rant / provide a new story, description or whatever else.

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BBG said:

Mouthers - disgusting describes this things apperance pretty well. It gets close to you, opens its mouth and emits an invisible gas to harm you, as it has no teeth. Some have developed a natural camoflauge which makes them hard to see.

I never thought of them as emmitting a gas. I probably should have drawn them backwards had this been the case.

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Interesting stuff, an ok story.

Here's a some speculation couple with a fact:
If we get rid of Cancer and AIDS, we'll most likely encounter other diseases even worse than these. It's been like this throughout the history of humanity. Whenever you wipe out a virus or a bacteria, about ten new forms emerge. Tuberculosis, for instance, is no longer a deadly disease that you can't cure, however, now we have cancer and AIDS instead, and I'm positive that when we find a way to deal with those, we'll come across something new that even the most advanced methods of curing diseases can do nothing about.

So truth be told, every story that tells about former "incurable" diseases having been wiped out and then diseases is of no worry is a little hard for me to believe.

But then again, the story doesn't specifically deny that new diseases came with the "extinction" of AIDS and Cancer, so I'll rest my case.

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Scuba Steve said:

I never thought of them as emmitting a gas. I probably should have drawn them backwards had this been the case.

Or gave them teeth =]

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