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Favorite Megawad music?

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Hello, sorry if the question is a little screwy lookin, I couldn't think of a good way to write the title. Anyways, here's the question:

Which Doom/Doom2 megawads do you think has great music? For me, I'd say 2002ADO, Memento Mori 1 and 2 and Requiem has good music. Anyone else have any comments on what megawads have good music?

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Lizardcommando said:


I don't know...It has some great songs (E1M1, E1M7), but also some incredibly gay and out-of-place songs.

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I like the music for Dimensions of Time (dot.wad). I mean, it starts with Song 2 by Blur! OK, so it's not original music, but who cares? It fits the level perfectly. Most of the rest of the music is great as well. I also like the christmas music for h2h-xmas.wad, but it begins to ger repetitive after a while.

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