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Whacky doom3 picture.

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It's Ryoko(sp). :)

Hell_Baroness said:

*drops mouth*

How did you do those lights and shadows work????

Gradients inside selections.

Oh, and
uses a better technique. Instead of using the gradient fill within selected areas, try using an airbrush in those selected areas. (and to help things, do this on a separate layer to keep the original pic unaffected, makes redoing things easier.) In fact, Just about all my redone pics use this shading technique. You play around with it to find what you like. :)

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I find it's better to use gradient meshes in Illustrator for those kinds of shading, since you can always go back and rearrange the mesh to change the direction of the lighting.

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EVIL said:

OMG.. DOOM in pokemon style, gottah FRAG 'em al

IMO, it looks more like something from disney (anyone remember the taxi cab from who framed roger rabbit?)

Demons Hand said:

I like your new avatr btw.

Heh. Thanx. It took a while to think up of something to use as an avatar which is when i came across a mini pic in NNFT vol.8 where Washu is playing with Ryoko and Ayeka puppets. So i decided to scan the ryoko puppet and give it colour on my computer. It was also the closest i could get to a custom dopefish. :D

Hell_Baroness said:

How did you do those lights and shadows work????

Using photoshop 5 i first gave it all the colour, then shaded by highlighting areas and applied lighting (i think i'm saying the same as Ravage and Assmaster though i tend not to think of the technical terms. I just get stuck in)

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