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A Legacy to Behold

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Rellik has notified us of the fact that the Doom Legacy pages have been updated and revamped within recent days; his editing resource has moved here. He's also released a new version of the ACBot, which now includes customizable skill settings to tailor them to your needs. Evidently, it requires Legacy 1.40 to function properly. As always, head over to the site for more information.

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Well, the skill settings are customizable by me. :) I'm just looking for feedback as to how good / bad I got the settings so that they can be tweaked before the code gets put into the CVS. I may have found a coder who'll make the bots fully configurable from a text .cfg file and all it'll cost me is a MicroMag paintball gun. :p

EDIT: son of a bitch, after the screwing around I did making an instagib mod I forgot to reset the bullet puff smoke. So just in case anyone realizes it, no the puffs don't rise. No that isn't right. No it won't be like that in the next official release. :-p

/me smacks forehead

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