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Heretic HD PBR mod help

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There is a wonderful mod for Heretic, which adds UltraHD textures with beautiful PBR effects.  However, due to it being in a PK3, I am having the same stuttering issues I had with my own UltraHD mod for Doom.  When my textures were in a PK3 I had massive stuttering and freezing in certain spots when entering for the first time.  After exploring the entire map and revisiting those areas it was as smooth as silk.  When I extracted the textures into a file/folder format (for GZDoom 4.3.3 or older) it ran like butter.  I am having the same issue with the Heretic HD PBR mod.  The folders need to be different names for GZDoom to pick them up.  In my mod in the PK3 file the texture folder was "HIRES" but in a file/folder setting it needed to be named "TEXTURES"  Can someone help me get this wonderful Heretic mod to perform better on my system as I don't know what the folders need to be named as.   I know if the mod was unpacked and in the correct folder names it will run buttery smooth on my rig. I have an AMD Ryzen 9 3900x, Gigabyte Eagle RTX3070 8Gb, and 32Gb 2400 DDR4 RAM.  The mod page is here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/heretic-hd-pbr/#8589089

I am including a Pastebin link for my DXDiag file if that helps.

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You can improve the performance of a pk3 by extracting it and zipping it again. Except this time you tell the zip tool to store all entries as uncompressed. That way the .pk3 becomes a simple container for the files and you no longer pay for the deflate of the data when it load things.


You will get a much larger pk3 this way of course, so it is a trade off between file size and performance.

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