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Naked Snake

The Toxin Refinery

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The elevator stops with a thud and the doors creak open.In front of you is a hallway.You creep slowly forward to look around.A hellacious growl fills the air and suddenly a group of 6 zombies is shabling towards you.You look at your Colt and realize that 8 shots is not gonna take these things down.You run into the hallway and hide.You see an elevator and you quickly jump on it.The elevator rises and you see a Remington pump action shotgun.You snatch it and the box of shells laying next to it.You load 7 shells into it and go down the elevator.3 zombies have found you and they raise their weapons.You dont even aim as you pull the trigger.The buckshot knocks 1 down,blows some holes in the chest of another and litteraly cuts the third one in half.The blood spills on the ground and the zombies fall.The first one however gets back up and aims his rifle at you.You shoot knocking its head right off its shoulders.The head bounces around like a macabre basketball as it splashes blood on the floor and walls.Finally it rests.The other zombies open fire from behind.You are not hit.You turn and shoot killing all three.Blood drips and shells clatter.Then silence.You walk around and notice a wall that does not match the rest.You walk up and push it and it swings back like a door.A secret room?Why would the U.A.C. put in secret rooms?You walk in to find out.The room contains some armor that you quickly don and a backpack full of ammo and 5 grenades.You see a switch and you press it not knowing what it does.Nothing seems to happen.You leave the room with your bounty.A security armor vest and more ammo and some grenades.The next door you see has a red lining.That must mean it needs a red key card.Where could it be?You see another door not far so you hoof over.You open up and a zombies is there waiting.She has a shotgun and she is about to fire (yes SHE).You jump to the side as she fires taking a few in the side.Nothing dangerous.You pull out your Colt and put a slug in her head.

You walk up the steps.An opening leading outside is exposed.You walk outside and look around.Not much but around the corner is a floating blue orb.Curiosity overcomes you and you approach it.It bursts and covers you with a blue light.It vanishes in less than three seconds.Your wounds disapear and you feel 100% better.You feel like a million bucks.You walk around the corner and see something that makes you smile a wide smile.A chaingun and bullets.Damn the U.A.C. had some good shit hiding.You rush over and grab the chaingun and put the bullets in it.You hold it up and fire it.Works like a dream.You remeber these things from basic.You walk back to the steps and walk up.A dead marine lays there.But he is clutching something.The key card!You grab it and look at his dogs.Lance Corpral Mike Raynor.You quickly say a little marine corp prayer for him and stand up.Walking down the stairs you find two empty clips and at the bottom of the stairs you see two dead zombies.Must be the guy killed them.Semper Fidelus (the marine corp motto).You open the door and rush to the red door.You slide the key card in.For security purposes each card is set with a resonic timer.Each exit elevator has resonic harmonice in it to destroy keys so they cannot be used on the lower levels.The door scans the card and chirps in agreement of the card.It opens and you walk in.A brown spiked monster stands behind a barrel.You open fire on the barrel and before the monster can turn it is sent flying into the air by the explosion.You walk forth up the steps ignoring the slime room to the right of you.

At the top is a platform that has no railing.You see a dead marine clutching a medical kit.You feel sad but kinda chuckle.That sucks he didnt make it.You put one of the medical kits in your backpack.You stare down.If he didnt make it along with everyone else what makes me think I can?You derail that train of thought.You step on the elevator and are lowered.You see another spined creature.It howls in discovery and rears its arm back to launch a fireball.It didnt have the time you put a few holes in it with your chaingun.Behind it is a dead marine and a dead spiker monster with a huge gash in its chest exposing what looks to be lungs.The marine is handling a chainsaw.You swipe it and strap it to your back.hmm a yellow chainsaw with a little splash of blood.What art.You pull down the lever and two doors open.You walk through them carefully.You traverse a staircase that is kind of slippery.At the bottom is a strange door.You enter and feel the key card fizzing then dissovle into nothingness.You ignore this and focus on the zombie.It is umarmed.You pull out the chainsaw and pull start it.The zombie rushes you screaming like a mad fool.You thrust the chainsaw forth and impale it on the blade.Its dead hands claw for your face before it dies.You pull the body off and go down the elevator and slap the switch.Where to next?You are already knee deep in the dead.Hell is not far you think.

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