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Hell's Viscerous Reaches III

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It'd probably be a good idea to read "Hell's Viscerous Reaches I and II" before reading this. Just a suggestion. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=13816
In mid stride, he stopped running while his body pitched forward with the inertia of his sprint. Adrien’s legs would not obey the commands of his frantic brain, urging him to flee. Even now, he could hear the snarls and howls issued forth from the slavering jaws of the pursuing fiends. Unable to fathom why he was paralyzed, Adrien began to panic.

He could hear them getting closer, even the unholy terrain below him trembled with their terrifying approach, their ravening malice further befouling the already putrid air. Now they were within sight of him, only two hundred feet away, emerging from the lip of the canyon they strode rapidly toward Adrien…

…Without warning, a deafening thunderclap accompanied by a brilliant light erupted in the skies, the shockwave from this vast eruption rolled across the unsightly terrain. The auric force obliterated the twisted rock formations, incinerated the skeletal trees, charred the soil and rocks while the rock embankments, now shattered, spewed forth blood and entrails. All the while, Adrien stood as he had, umarred, untouched and whole. His pursuers shrieked in pain as, one by one, their skin was shorn by the blast, their muscles and viscera exposed, undulating still, and began to burst. The creature’s very frames shook and convulsed as their flesh-denuded bodies were warped and perverted by the crushing pressures of this unseen power. After several minutes of excruciating contortions, the demons’ exanimate carcasses collapsed to the ground, crumpled beyond recognition.

Adrien perceived that the intense force that had just razed this expanse had departed. Nonplussed, his bewildered mind attempted to piece together possible reasons for this extraordinary occurrence that had surely prevented his death. He was sure a death in Hell would have set his soul wandering for the rest of eternity. The very idea chilled him. Noticing that he still no longer had control of his legs, he began to grow infuriated. He realized, however, that he could still control his torso. Exasperated, he pulled the shotgun from it’s holster in his pack and attempted to pry his legs loose, somehow, from their invisible roots that fed to the ground to no avail.

“Goddamnit, what the fuck is going on here?!” Adrien snarled. “I’m sick of this shit…I want to find someone, a human being. Isn’t their a single fucking human being in this shit hole?”

As he gingerly slid his shotgun back into the pack, he began to cry. He cried tears of desperation, of fear, of desolation and torment. Each bead of salty water slid down his whisker-covered cheek and into his mouth. It was now that he realized how absolutely hungry he was, and thirsty as well. Remembering that tonight, if time still applied in this Godless place, was supposed to be his sixth year anniversary with his wife, Jenna. Even though he couldn’t remember what tradition required him to get her for a gift on the sixth year, he simply bought her what was called a “communion box”. It was supposed to allow a person to connect with God via neural impulses and holographic images projected into the retinas with a direct hotwire.

While Adrien lost himself in recollection, his legs began to move, involuntarily…first the left leg, then the right. He couldn’t stop this incomprehensible locomotion. Slowly, he was making his way toward the canyon; he shuffled past the still-smoldering corpses of the demons, which had earlier pursued him. The bodies twitched violently. Blood oozed from the mangled mounds of flesh and bone, not a coherent feature amongst them all.

“What the fuck was that…that did this…?” Adrien whispered, as he was carried further to the mouth of the canyon.

Only several yards separated him from the brink. He could see into the canyon and realized that it was at least three hundred feet to the bottom. His feet stopped moving – he was at the very edge. Looking down, he noticed several lance-like protrusions rising from the floor of the gorge.

“…this doesn’t make any—“ Adrian was cut off as his legs, of a will not his own, sprang back and pitched him forward into the depths of the chasm…before he had plummeted half way down, his vision faded along with his consciousness…

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Damn well-written.
Just like the two others. All I can say is: "Thumbs up! Keep at it duder!"

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