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The DWIronman League dies to: Mutiny

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August, 2023

[currently unable to snip pic]

> The yearly standings

> The Ironman Discord Server


Standard Leaderboard

  1. [2] MAP08: Asbadagba
  2. [1] MAP06: Brainfreezzzzz
  3. [2] MAP05: NaZa
  4. [1] MAP05: ginc
  5. [2] MAP05: joe-ilya
  6. [1] MAP05: Master Medi
  7. [1] MAP04: Anima Zero 
  8. [1] MAP04: Plut
  9. [?] MAP04: Austinado
  10. [2] MAP03: dt_
  11. [1] MAP03: LadyMistDragon
  12. [2] MAP03: SCF
  13. [1] MAP03: Vytaan
  14. [1] MAP03: Suitepee
  15. [1] MAP03: Horus
  16. [1] MAP03: Pseudonaut
  17. [1] MAP03: Crusader No Regret
  18. [1] MAP02: Bdubzzz
  19. [1] MAP02: WompTheCat
  20. [1] MAP02: Beginner
  21. [1] MAP02: Ludi
  22. [1] MAP02: Andromeda
  23. [1] MAP02: Darth_wiader
  24. [2] MAP02: head_cannon
  25. [2] MAP02: Pegleg
  26. [1] MAP01: NoisyVelvet
  27. [1] MAP01: RJY


Prepared Leaderboard

  1. ...


What is the Doomworld Ironman League?


The DWIronman League is a monthly competition in which participants aim to survive for as many levels as possible in the given map set, preferably in one sitting. Click the spoiler tag at the bottom of the post for a detailed list of rules. Players of all levels of ability are welcome. It could change the way you play Doom!


In August 2023 the DWIronman League dies to Mutiny (-complevel 2), a collaborative set from 2016 with maps by a multitude of mappers, led by 40oz. The goal of this mapset was a retro, cyberpunk-ish? (I think) setting with a lot of colours, a spiritual successor to cult classics such as Perdition's Gate, STRAIN or Hacx, while being inspired by the mapping greats of Iikka Keranen and Anthony Czerwonka. The set received a Cacoward in 2016. Its difficulty, though, is quite... well, you'll find for yourself. A fitting summer special after a few months with good survival records. It's time to survive or, more likely, die trying, Ironmen.

A repeating name in the map credits also shows our very own @dt_ had a sizeable contribution to this WAD. No pressure! :^)


Essential Info

  • Doom II (doom2.wad).
  • Compatibility level 2, or "Doom (strict)" for ZDoom derivative ports.
  • 16 maps.
  • Time estimate (if survival): I don't know, but it's long.


> Download Mutiny

prboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file mutiny.wad (-deh mutiny.deh) -complevel 2 -skill 4 -record demo_name.lmp -warp




  • There are two competitions: Standard and Prepared:

    • To compete successfully in the Standard competition: your first play of the selected WAD(s) constitutes your one and only attempt for the month.

    • To compete successfully in the Prepared competition: your one and only attempt for the month is determined BY YOU immediately before play and may follow any prior number of active (playing the set) preparation that is strictly for practice/inspection purposes only. You cannot compete in the Standard competition after submitting a run to the Prepared competition. You may submit the first of your practice attempts to the Standard competition.

  • UV only (excepting 1CC format), continuous recording. No pistol-starting each level.
  • Demos (PrBoom+, GLBoom, Eternity or Chocolate), stream highlights and video recordings are the only accepted proofs. You must link to these runs in the thread. 
    • If you stream your run on Twitch, please highlight/save it so that it doesn't go missing in case someone's very late with the obituaries.
  • No additional WADs may be loaded. Cosmetic WADs are fine if they're purely cosmetic.
  • No inspection of the WAD(s)'s content in an editor if you are submitting a Standard run, its category 3 included.
  • No cheat codes and no features that result in behavior beyond what is possible in the intended source port (e.g. freelook, jumping and crouching in a boom set). This includes dynamic lights and brightmaps. If streaming or recording videos using an advanced source port with compatibility options, you must display these settings on-screen before your run. In ZDoom derivative ports, "Doom/Boom(strict)" will suffice.
  • If you choose to stream/record your run for video rather than provide a demo and you die before completing a single level, either on the first map of a set OR because a single level was selected for the month, you must display the number of monsters killed/remaining in the level before you quit.
  • You do not have to play the secret levels in order to register a complete run. However, a player who finishes the game having completed more secret levels than their competitors will rank higher than them.
  • You cannot load a game having progressed past the save point.
  • You cannot consult Doom Builder during your run to check for map details.
  • If the recording of your official run is interrupted due to technical difficulties, you are not permitted a second attempt. Any surviving recording may be used to register a DNF result.
  • Accidentally restarting a level before a death exit takes you to the tally screen will stop your run immediately. You will still be registered as entering the next map (i.e. the one which you never entered) using a calculation to figure out what the intermission time would have been.
  • If you are competing in the Standard competition, you are required to affix one of three numbers to your run informing the League of your degree of familiarity with the map/set played. Note that your evaluation should only take into consideration the content covered in your run (e.g. if you remember only one part of a level in a set you haven't played before but never reach that level, you should list your run as a [1] instead of [2]):


  1. This is a blind run. If I have played or watched any of the level/set being played before, I cannot remember any details that would offer a reasonable advantage over truly blind players. *
  2. This is not a blind run. I have familiarity with the set - played the level/set before, or watched it being played, and can remember some details that would offer a reasonable advantage over blind players.
  3. This is not a blind run. While I have not outright played it, I've watched the level/set being played via stream, demo or video after it was announced as this month's challenge.


* "Reasonable" in this instance asks you to consider whether the details in question are worth committing to memory. As in, you would thank the person who gave you this information with a straight face and not expect to be laughed at for being an utter berk.


Previous threads:

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07 - Jenesis (winner: Demon of the Well)

08 - Crusades (winner: Ribbiks)

09 - Nilla Doom (winner: Demon of the Well)

10 - Khorus' Speedy Shit (winner: WH-Wilou84)

11 - Perdition's Gate (winner: WH-Wilou84)

12 - UAC Ultra (winner: PjSpartacus)




01 - Jade Earth (winner: Demon of the Well)

02 - Legacy of Heroes (winner: Roofi)

03 - Back to Saturn X E1 (winner: dew)

04 - Mapgame (winner: ClonedPickle)

05 - Vae Victus 1 & 2 (winner: Demon of the Well)

06 - Disturbia (winner: Ancalagon)

07 - Insertion (winner: Veinen)

08 - Unholy Realms (winner: Demon of the Well)

09 - Osiris (winner: Demon of the Well)

10 - Endgame & Endpoint (winner: Veinen)

11 - Oscillation (winner: Ancalagon)

12 - Doom the Way id Did (winner: kmc)




01 - Combat Shock 2 (winner: Killer5)

02 - Coffee Break E1 (winner: Eris)

03 - Warlock's Hearth (winner: Demon of the Well)

04 - 50 Monsters (winner: WH-Wilou84)

05 - Double Impact (winner: RjY)

06 - Rush (winner: WH-Wilou84)

07 - The Darkening E1 & E2 (winner: Veinen)

08 - The Plutonia Experiment (winner: Zero-Master)

09 - Community Chest 4 - MAP20: Interstellar Sickness and MAP21: Shaman's Device (winner: leodoom85)

10 - Doom 64 for Doom II (winner: Roofi)

11 - TNT: Renascence & TNT: Resistance (winner: an_mutt)

12 - Ultimate Doom the Way id Did (winner: an_mutt)




01 - Hellfire: Dreams (winner: Beginner)

02 - THT: Threnody - MAP10: Fomalhaut (winner: Scotty)

03 - Stardate 20X6 (winner: WH-Wilou84)

04 - Base Ganymede: Complete (winner: Vince Vega)

05 - The DWIronman League died waiting for SIGIL (winner: John Romero)

06 - SIGIL (winner: leodoom85)

07 - Vanguard & Lunatic (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Pegleg)

08 - 2017 Collection (winner: an_mutt - prep winner: Vince Vega)

09 - Revolution! (winner: NaZa - prep winner: Pegleg)

10 - Monster Hunter Part I & Part II (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Pegleg)

11 - Abcess (winner: Demon of the Well - prep winner: Steve D?)

12 - Scythe (winner: Spectre01 - prep winner: Arbys550)




01 - Hellscape (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Archi)

02 - No Sleep for the Dead (winner: Ancalagon - prep winner: Anima Zero)

03 - Baker's Dozen (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Pegleg)

04 - Occult Secrets of the Third Reich & Biotech is Godzilla (winner: joe-ilya - prep winner: Horus)

05 - Bloody Rust (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: dt_)

06 - Vrack 1, 2 and 3 (winner: ReaperAA - prep winner: Bashe)

07 - Running Late 2 (winner: Roofi - prep winner: Pegleg)

08 - Epic (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Daerik)

09 - Hell Revealed (winner: Roofi - prep winner: Crusader No Regret)

10 - Dark Resolution 2008 (winner: Roofi - prep winner: Austinado)

11 - 2002: A Doom Odyssey: 10th Anniversary Edition Episode 3 (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Pegleg)

12 - Eviternity (winner: Daerik - prep winner: Pegleg)




01 - Sawdust (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Daerik)

02 - Alien Vendetta (winner: Demonologist - prep winner: Anima Zero)

03 - Criticality & Miasma (winner: Daerik - prep winner: Crusader No Regret)

04 - World Orifice (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Killer5)

05 - Violence (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: ScrappyMcDoogerton)

06 - Firebox (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: 4shockblast)

07 - Scythe 2 (winner: Arbys550 - prep winner: an_mutt)

08 - Resurgence (winner: Beginner - prep winner: Suitepee)

09 - The Eye (winner: galileo31dos01 - prep winner: an_mutt)

10 - Glaive & Glaive 2 (winner: Veinen - prep winner: Tezur0)

11 - Sunlust (winner: Daerik - prep winner: nobody)

12 - H2H-XMas (winner: Daerik - prep winner: 4shockblast)




01 - Realm of Shades (winner: mhrz - prep winner: Pegleg)

02 - Return to Hadron E1 (winner: NightTerror - prep winner: Maribo)

03 - Syringe (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: SCF)

04 - Jägermörder 1 and 2 (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Maribo)

05 - The Rebirth (winner: NightTerror - prep winner: NaZa)

06 - Man on the Moon (winner: Master Medi - prep winner: ginc)

07 - Vigor (winner: akolai - prep winner: SCF)

08 - Somewhere in Time (winner: Archi - prep winner: NaZa)

09 - Sucker Punch 1 & 2 (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Pegleg)

10 - Sharp Things (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: LadyMistDragon)
11 - Knee-Deep in the Dead + .deh (winner: NightTerror - prep winner: Lol 6)

12 - Christmas Cheer from the Chill Zone (winner: NightTerror - prep winner: NaZa)




01 - Bury My Heart Knee Deep (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Maribo)

02 - LAZAREVENANT - 13 map WIP demo (winner: Suitepee - prep winner: nobody)

03 - Demonic Deviation (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: nobody)

04 - Beyond Revival (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Anima Zero)

05 - Malevolence (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Anima Zero)

06 - Return to Purgatory (winner: Bdubzzz - prep winner: Anima Zero)

07 - Shotgun Symphony (winner: joe-ilya - prep winner: LadyMistDragon)


Edited by NaZa

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Category: 2 (played it years ago, didn't remember much)

Dead on: Map03

Kills: 82/97




Out of all my Doomworld Ironman deaths to date, this was not the smartest. But I can't be too upset because I narrowly escaped death on map 2 several times.



I was playing extremely carefully in the first three maps, but the heavy ammo deprivation clouded my judgement for a moment and I decided it was worth risking my life to save 15 rockets. This was a bad idea.



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Category: 1

Dead on Map 03 at 19:27

Kills 19/97


Holy god, that teleportation in the shipyard was so disorienting. Not to mention the way forward to the yk feels like a shot in the dark.


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Been wanting to join the league!!

Category: 1

Dead on Map 02 at 10:48

Kills 30/170




Should not have gone running out the starting room like such a maniac, just could not find footing after that point. Also spent way too long investigating potential SR50 jumps in map01 XD but nice to finally submit something here! just glad I didn't die on Map01 tbh.

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I had limited time, but that doesn't excuse straight-up panicking on MAP05. Shame, it was going really well up to that point. I just got mixed up. Cat 2, as always.



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Category 1 demo. Died on map02.


As of writing of this post command line string in the OP mistakenly tries to load "doom.wad" instead of "doom2.wad".


Edited by Beginner

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Cat 1

Died Map 03

Kills: 32/97

Time around 33 mins (not sure when I exited map 2)



I had the save of my life on map 2! I was very very lucky to get through that. But it put me in a bad position for map 3 and I never recovered. Although I was really miffed not to be able to get that box of shells at the end...



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4 hours ago, Beginner said:

command line string in the OP mistakenly tries to load "doom.wad"


Whoops! Amended. Thanks for the report.


I'll update the yearly standings and the obituaries for July in the next 18 hours.



EDIT: Also, @Beginner, I can't download your demo. It requires signing into Dropbox as a proof of identity or smth. It did not ask me for that until June, I think. However, I did so, I signed up through my Google account this month (the last two you've survived so I took your word for the times as you're a veteran), only to be told by Dropbox: "That didn't work for some reason. If it's a fluke, it might work if you refresh the page. You can also ask us for help." If you know a workaround, please let me know. Thanks!

Edited by NaZa

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Hi all,


I was hoping to make a big splash by joining proceedings this Month haha (inspired by @Vytaan).


However, I proceeded to start my Demo on Map 2 and didn't realize until Map 3 xD

I know it invalidates the run but here's my demo (Category 1) anyway - made it (from Map 2) to map 4 w/ 59 kills



This was really fun - thanks all, will be back next month with a proper submission haha

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9 hours ago, NaZa said:

EDIT: Also, @Beginner, I can't download your demo. It requires signing into Dropbox as a proof of identity or smth. It did not ask me for that until June, I think. However, I did so, I signed up through my Google account this month (the last two you've survived so I took your word for the times as you're a veteran), only to be told by Dropbox: "That didn't work for some reason. If it's a fluke, it might work if you refresh the page. You can also ask us for help." If you know a workaround, please let me know. Thanks! 

Whoops, it turns out the extra parameter dropbox was generating indeed was important for properly sharing files. I've replaced links for the demos so downloads should work now.

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Category: 1

Dead on Map 02 at 19:40

Kills 101/170




If this isn't the greatest death in the history of the Ironman League, I dunno what is :p


(Timestamped at the moment of impact, also shoutouts to @Biodegradable for commentary once again)




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Category 1

Fails at 34th minute on MAP04 by me noclipping through the level and not being able to use any triggers.

Kills 118/436

Came quite close to dying earlier a few times because the maps are pretty heavy on hitscanners and my playing style is very impatient and reckless. 


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Cat 1, died on map 4.  Note to self, do not try to ironman late at night before bed.  It'll cause blue screen memory lapses like the sniping HK that got the killshot, heh.  Might come back to this with a prepared run at some point before the month's end.


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Type 2  I actually played this earlier this year, though on HMP and didn't remember it very well.  Though once I started the recording, seeing things jogged my memory a bit more.  I could remember more of the traps, which really helped out with living longer.  Foreknowledge didn't save me from Good At Doom on map 3, oof.  And after nearly giving up trying to find the red key, but for naught. (other than an entertaining death for the spectators)


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Announcement for lovers of Ironman:

On 2 September, 16:00 UTC First-try Demo Contest #19 will take place. It's a contest very much like Ironman: the participants play a never-seen-before WAD with no saves while recording a demo. The one who completes it the fastest wins. However, the difference is that you can die as much as you want - only your totaltime (with all failed attempts) is taken into account. This time the WAD will be one tough and long (300+ enemies) map for Plutonia. Anyone is welcome to participate.

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Category: 2

Dead on: Map 02

Kills: 15/170 (5 monsters died to infighting following my demise)

Time: 17:52

Time exiting Map 01: 16:54




Huh, is that a chaingunner? And a revenant? And there was health back in that other room? Nah, I think I'll just run around in the open for a while.


To be fair, I was headed back in the direction of the health. Oh well. Further proof that running the other ironman competition doesn't make you better at this one. Speaking of the other ironman competition, I was considering Mutiny for later in the year (hence the Category 2), but NaZa beat me to it. I like the maps. I like the aesthetics. I like the monster placement. There's enough health and ammo around so that the maps don't starve you. I enjoyed the mapset.

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dead on map01, 36 kills


I've never played this wad before. I am sure I had at least heard of it, and intended to play it, but at this point my wad backlog is over a decade long.

Given its primary author it seems like a prototype of the Doomer Boards Project formula. No source port features beyond limit removal, but lots of new textures and sprites. Surprisingly, no dehacked custom monsters, though.

As for this miserable performance, I fell in some water, stupidly. But I felt no sense of danger, and quickly found an innocuous-looking teleport out which I assumed would return me to the ledge from which I fell. Thus the large crowd of live monsters into which it landed me was totally unexpected.

Still, given the way the scoring system works it's a nice points bonus for the rest of you.

BTW I got the Too Big Or Unsupported REJECT Overflow error from Pr+. Long-time Ironman contestants may recall I once windbagged a screed on why I think Pr+ does the wrong thing with missing (zero-length) REJECT lumps, but nothing came of it. Hopefully it is still possible to play back the demo for verification purposes, or if you want a laugh.

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6 hours ago, RjY said:


Given its primary author it seems like a prototype of the Doomer Boards Project formula. No source port features beyond limit removal, but lots of new textures and sprites. Surprisingly, no dehacked custom monsters, though.



A little trivia if I may:


The primary concept of mutiny was cooperative mapping.  You'll see in the author list that there's very few maps by a single author.  Cooperative mapping is tons easier these days with discord etc, it wasn't so common back in 2015. 


The map names were predetermined, and the maps had to reflect that to a satisfactory degree

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Three more days (12 PM CEST, 2nd September), as I was two days late with this one.


I updated the leaderboard, finally, though it admittedly lacks obituaries. Pardon for no obituaries and lesser... activity from my side. I am a bit burnt out this summer, honestly, and I had not anticipated running this month. As things stand, I'll likely have to organize next month too, as the guest host has not answered the PM I sent them near the beginning of August, nor were they active since. I sure hope they'll be. I have a pick in mind, don't worry. September should be an easier month for me, but it still is no excuse. I'm sorry.

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Category 1

Dead on MAP02 with 56 kills.


Those mid-battlefield warp pads were really disorienting and annoying. The loss is my own fault though: for doubling back right into a non-homing Rev rocket that had already safely passed by.


Mutiny's been on my backlog for a while, so this was a great opportunity to finally give it a try. Brutal stuff, but really good-looking and sounding. After revisiting it with saves and exploring up to MAP05, I'm probably going to drop down from skill 4 for the rest to see if that salves the constant restrictions on ammo & health & space. Even the aggravating stuff is undeniably polished, though. As always, thanks for organizing events and creating these prompts to try stuff out and get killed by it. :)

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Category 1 (blind).

Entered MAP05 at 1:14:40. 210/257 kills (47 remaining) at time of death.


Means of death: A really juicy facerocket that killed me from 100 health + a bit of armor.


I was having fun with this WAD, and if it wasn't for me struggling to find where to progress in a few areas I'd say this run would be entertaining to watch too. Quite a few close calls, in particular the big fight near the end of MAP05 is a big mess where it looks like I might actually pull it off... then I just blow myself up. I got the yellow key out of the back area, thought I'd be clever and just slip past the cyberdemon into the yellow door... but there's 3 fucking arch-viles behind the door lol. For all I know, the exit switch might have been right behind them, but at this point I had no gameplan and was just panicking from one shitshow to the next.




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On 8/30/2023 at 4:43 PM, NaZa said:

I am a bit burnt out this summer, honestly, and I had not anticipated running this month. As things stand, I'll likely have to organize next month too


I hope you don't mind my saying, but it sounds like you could use a break. May I step in and host this month?

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