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(img)OMG someone shrunk everything! Heh. So, Doomworld is five now, eh? Man, that is a long time. I remember back when DW was all new and shiny, back when its competition was Doom News instead of NewDoom. Freaky. It seems over the years Doomworld has been the only Doom news site with any staying power with similar sites drying up from lack of updates or changes of servers, or servers seemingly vanishing overnight. Also the only constant thing to go along with DW was Ling, but uh, that's changed now too (well sort of, he's still busy with neat stuff, such as the /idgames Archive), and with Doom 3's release looming, things are gonna get pretty crazy I imagine. Should be interesting to be a part of, I'll say that much. Anyways, just my own personal happy birthday from someone who has been around for too damn long. Plus the shrunken monsters are cool.

mewse stumbles in: Damnit Cyb, Ling gets a top story full of reminiscing, and you get a DWBS, but what about my feelings?! huh? I remember the original DW! I'm cool! Damnit!

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yes omg dw lives on!!11

and wow those monsters are cool. they're like the regular doom monsters, but.......smaller.

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I just visited doomworld's /idgames archive. I was surprised somewhat - very nice idea. Not that I'd expect anything less from Ling.

Oh yeah, happy b-day doomworld. I grew up on this site. :)

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"Also the only constant thing to go along with DW was Ling..."

Lahaut's been here as long as I've been visiting (seeing as how I obsessively read over his old links page every day, and when he mentioned he was helping out with doomworld I began visiting here).

I'll just stop visiting here if I find out he quits, as he's the last shred of decency at Doomworld. (IMO) (tm)

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