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DeePsea 11.75 posted

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Biggest change is an Enhanced "Import Prefab PWAD". This used to be called "Open Clipboard PWAD", but that name wasn't too descriptive. New command does both the Open and the Paste at the same time.

Just draw any type of level object once, save it as a PWAD and with this tool you can reuse it over and over in any level. IOW, there are an unlimited custom PREFABS available and you make them just as you do anything else - simply by drawing them.

Prebuilt Prefab floats over the level for accurate interactive positioning and then press the left mouse button to drop it in place. Exactly the same change was made to Paste since it is the same code:)

Ctrl+I is the new short cut command.

See sbsoftware for other changes.

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sargebaldy said:

can people upgrade, or do they have to pay the full price for every slight update? :P

Updates are free for 6 months, then upgrade price of $20 forever. If people upgrade often, then they also get free upgrades now and again depending on frequency:)

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