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6066.WAD — Can You Remodel Reality With DOOM?

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1 hour ago, Gibbitudinous said:

For your first wad, you're off to a very promising start. The spaghetti demonesca is peak doomcute humor.

thanks my dude :) gonna be a while longer, but taking the time required to do all I can


spaghetti demonesca—that’s the piece’s official name haha

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Hellooo I return with more stuff.


I will tend to update whenever I reach a major checkpoint. This time, I finished my room’s custom texturing. This will very likely be the only area in the house so heavy in textures due to, naturally, the creator wanting to emphasize personality and knowing one’s own mind the best. That’s another reason why I’m making this mod. As my first mod, I think it’s a good idea to use it also as a sort of visual introduction of me to the DOOM community.

Outdated Progress Post No.1:


I don’t think I’ll be posting the other rooms individually unless one turns out to be particularly interesting. There are some places left undone like the drawers, wall secrets, and closet, but those will be done alongside other like areas upstairs and downstairs.


Obviously, there’s a reason I waited until I modeled the entire house before texturing because the privilege of custom textures allows to get away with hyper detailed models without any real complexity. For example, the laptop in my room only cost two sectors and three custom textures, while the laptop downstairs—well, let’s assume I placed it in the exact same pose as upstairs to make it fair because in reality it’s on a slanted stand on a 3D floor table. Assuming this, it is comprised of four sectors, one being bottom half of the laptop, and the other three providing the shapes for the screen, where if the laptop is grounded on the floor, one 3D floor will be the screen and the other will be the top border (the other borders are floors).


So as you see, it is very easy to get carried away with 3D floors and lose the novelty of getting creative with what DOOM’s functions already provide. So I reserved my custom textures for details that were too complex for sector art or for models too complex for DOOM’s functions.


Here are some of my selected highlights:

I’m busy as per usual. The source code is from my game Lavyrinthos and the open book is the Wolfenstein 3D black book.


Anyone else happen to listen to these? Yakui the Maid, Lapfox, Neil Cicierega, Tally Hall. Our family used to use one of these CD players for years until it finally got lost while moving in 2022.




I own one of the gaming chairs of all time. I stole one of those folding chair thingys they force you to sit on in grade school (I blew all my imaginary money on the setup and couldn’t afford even an office chair afterward)





I drew these pictures when I was little (except for Doomguy, that was last week).




Edited by thecringefactor : Typos galore

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Second update. This time I finished my mom’s and sister’s rooms. Took a month 💀 


Next time, there won’t be an update until I finish the rest of the house, outside, and some secret areas. Then the scripting stage will finally arrive.

Outdated Progress Post No.2:


As per tradition, I post a few preview images along with the full video, but there’s only two interesting images this time because as I make more stuff, I find less and less interesting (only the most complex stuff).



Edited by thecringefactor

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It’s been a while again, everyone! It’s here, the first beta.


Please view the first post for information and downloads!


Phew, it’s been a long 7 months…

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I’ve been curious if anyone has found any of the secret doors yet. There are about 7 of them, one in a place that’s a bit unexpected (and a bit of a mental cartwheel to build haha). I know this thread isn’t that active but I just wanted to throw that out there to give people something to do in the meantime while I keep cooking

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19 minutes ago, Captain Mobius said:

Doom Builder is the best utility for creating a 3D map of your home. I have done it. I bet many here have also, as their first project.

Yes, I believe even before the dawn of a certain 2023 map, models of houses, cities, any buildings from life are great references to model from life if beginners don’t have any prompts or don’t know how to design an entire blueprint from scratch due to intimidation or unfamiliarity with the controls. 

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1 hour ago, zhushen482012 said:

haha, i haven't palyed it. but it made me lol for the spaghetti. you are genious

 I don’t know if you happened to notice the name in the .txt file, but hello fellow Chinese :>

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