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The Octagon

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Hey! So I just made my first Doom map and was wondering if yall could give me feedback (Please disregard spelling)

This map gets its name by starting out as an octagon shape and as you progress you have to traverse through narrow spaces and fight demons to the end 


1. This is for Doom II 

2. It was made in Ultimate Doom Builder




Screenshot (10).png

Screenshot (11).png

Screenshot (12).png

Screenshot (13).png

Screenshot (15).png

Edited by TR12 : Needs context

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A short map, definitely a "Map 01" kind of feel. It certainly feels like a first map, with a things worth fixing a few things that are quite common in first maps:


- The texture on the doors in the starting room (which you can see in your screenshot) are on something which is very tall, so it repeats and doesn't start at the ground properly.

- You generally don't want the sides of doors to move when a door opens. That's to do with unpegging the doortracks I think.

- You have some misaligned textures here both on the wall with the small stairs, and on the wall in the background.

- The exit switch texture isn't aligned properly, and also there was nothing to indicate that it was the exit, so I was surprised when the level ended. Generally an exit sign helps.


As a short, simple map there's not much wrong with the combat. And much of the stuff above is fairly easy to fix. You could also include a secret somewhere in the map as well, perhaps with a Chaingun. It's a fairly easy map so nothing super powerful needed.


Keep mapping, while not rushing things, and as you get more feedback from different people it'll help you become a better mapper. Keep going!

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This map is so poorly made that one can only wonder if you're a troll. The textures are so misaligned that they look like they were intentionally made that way. The gameplay so basic that a toddler could play it. The extensive use of STARTAN2, graphical glitches, and other ugly and poorly used textures assaulting the eyes.


And it is truly beautiful. For what this first(?) map completely lacks in design. It makes up for in droves with it's absolute comedy, hilarity, and pure heart. Thank you for your contribution to this fine forum.

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This is less a map and more of a strange shape that you drew in an editor with some enemies randomly plopped down. Anytime you have a map with this much STARTAN, people are probably going to assume you're a troll. Texturing things is one of the easiest things to learn when it comes to mapping, and I think it's pretty fun even if you don't know wtf you're doing. Here's some advice:



-Don't draw up rooms that aren't pleasant to navigate. The shape might look cool in Doom Builder, but it is very boring to walk through.

-Height variation!

-Enemy placement. This map has none, the enemies don't feel like they were even "placed" with any reason.


This map has no real layout or strategy to it. There's nothing interesting from a gameplay prespective. It feels like an experiment, not a map. Try to keep practicing the basics, you're capable of doing better than this even if you don't realize it yet. But, to be blunt, this specific map has nothing going for it at all. It feels like you need more experience, and more importantly, some inspiration. You can dream up something better than a brown octagon-thing with brown hallways.

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1) Needs a secret room somewhere

2) Needs armor/healt bonuses pickup (you can put them in secret)

3) There is a dedicated door tool in UDB. Use it please.

4) Player can easily lock himself in starting room. Add flag "Repeatable action to doors"

5) Is slim corridor really nessesary? I think it better to use "MIDGRATE" or "MIDBRN1" as middle texture with "impassable" flag

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