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Doom vs Laptop

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I'm Frederic, from Belgium, I have followed this forum since the anoncement of Doom 3.

I have a question;

I have a portable (laptop) computer: P4 2000 Mhz 192ram and 64mb video memory, can i play doom 3 on it ???

If no, can i upgrade my computer? or does an extern 3Dcart exist?



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No!, you wont be able to play.. it wont mather what pc you use, or what system. Doom3 doesnt support idiot people who dont look into his subject first! before posting! srry to be rude like this, but this is the 12167345th thread I saw today with the same subject. i hope this topic goed to hell.. BTW, read the FAQ first before posting to get you into a lot less trouble next time you post something.

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it may be possible, but to be honest - why don't you wait for the final game.

There's only so much you can read out of a glass bowl to predict the future. One thing will help you for sure - increase your RAM to 512mb.

As far as your 64mb of video memory goes - it would be helpful to know what card you have.

As a baseline - yes, you'll be able to play Doom3 on it, but it's not given you'll be able to do with all features enabled.

I don't know about extern 3D cards.

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I'll move this thread to tech and close it for the time being - maybe later I'll move it to Hell, but our "old" newbie here has to see the reaction - otherwise he won't learn.

Fredric, if you have really been "with us" for so long, how come you haven't learnt to read the FAQ or taken part in the other threads - let alone understood that questions like this belongs in tech?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.