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1976 was a good year...

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We do that too.

Genres are just a categorizing tool. It says nothing about the quality of the song.

Still I would like to see this categorizing tool so accurate that it can actually tell something about the songs.

And yes, it is blatant intellectualisation, live with it!

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I listen to music I like. I tend to judge music on a band-by-band or even song-by-song basis. I don't have the time, the money, or the attention span to follow one band or one image slavishly.

You want to know what music I like? Listen to my show. [evil smiley]

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Tyockell said:

1987 was a bad year....I was born. Darkness falls upon mankind

you were born, deathz0r was born, i was born. three band cases.

but on the other hand, new order released 'substance' in 1987 which is still one of my favorite albums of all time.

and robocop came out in 1987 too!

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