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Help with EDGE stuffage.

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Okay, I've been a lil behind in the times since I've been away from my comp, and I lost all my damn EDGE skill. Plus I don't know shit about GL, so here are my questions:

1) I've made a few dynamic light things, using code ripped from Fanatic's stuff and then edited. But it seems that everywhere I put them, they bleed light past 1s linedefs. Is there any way to fix this?

2) Is it possible to give a sliding door an open/closing sounds?

3) I feel like I'm asking a dumb question here, but is it possible to make md2s for EDGE?

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Hello, I am working in my mod Doom: UAC in Hapal for EDGE 1.27.


1) I have the same problem but it can´t be fixed with DDFs, it can be fixed using the EDGE 1.27 Source Code.

2) Yes, and example:

[450] // EDGE Sliding door (CENTER), SR + MONSTERS

Insert this code:


3) No, EDGE doesn´t support MD2. For models use Doomsday, VaVoom or Doom Legacy.

For more questions visit my web page and post in my forum:

La página de Cyberkiller

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Allright, thanks.

Here's a few other problems I seem to be having. I uploaded the current wad to my old geocities site, so go to geocities.com/tobester666/ then click on screens, then go to the oremor subdirectory and dl it. It needs GLEDGE32 1.27:

1) I have a scientist in my wad, using converted gfx from a blake stone patch. (Look for him by the Medlab; He's got his own little temporary script for fun :) I'm using PALLETE_REMAP on him, to make his coat white, but it doesn't seem to be working!

2) Also, in the same part of the medlab, I'm trying to spawn medkits on the shelves using RTS, but they aren't spawning. I've tried everything, it seems.

Any ideas?

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Sorry man,
I've never experimented with palette remapping so I can't help you out there I'm afraid.

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Edge 1.27 does not have functional color remapping in the GL engine, sadly, it is on the to-fix list though from what I've heard

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