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Changing the font in Doom


Something I have never done before, but how do you actually change the font in Doom? 

I have downloaded a font pack from Realm667 but there is absolutely ZERO instructions telling you how to get them to work.

Please help. Thanks. 

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23 hours ago, OmegaCyberdemon said:

So why the different styles of fonts on Realm667? It seems pretty pointless having them on the site if they are of no use to anyone. Don't you agree?

I've been looking into it myself by doing a bit of research, and the fonts that are available on Realm667 are there to create new menu images for like 'New Game', 'Options', and so on which you have to make yourself using those fonts. As for changing the font in the game like when it says "You have found a secret area", I'm still looking into that. So hopefully, my little bit of research into it will help. 

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I need that too. In GZDoom you do it by making a BIGFONT or SMALFONT image lump, but that hasn't worked for me so probably is wrong.

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Create a wad entry called "FONTDEFS" and set it to "view as text" and"ZDoom Font Defs".


Make lists for the fonts you want to change. For instance, STATUSFONT {}.

Inside the brackets put an entry for every number you want to replace. Mine looks like



0 DRSFN048

1 DRSFN049

2 DRSFN050




So number, tab, picture name. the number is the number you are defining, the name is the name of the picture you are defining it as. I'm not sure if it matters what the name is. There is a list of font types on the ZDOOM wiki. Put appropriately named images in the wad and bam, you got font.


This relates to a problem I was having trying to scale images in the HUD. The native HUD resolution is like 320 by 240 so you'll need to make sure your font images are the same size as the ones you are replacing or you'll need to define a different resolution in SBARINFO. If you change the resolution you will need to change the size of every image that appears in the HUD. 

If you want to do that, just put

"Resolution number, number;" in SBARINFO

I put

Resolution 1024, 768;

Like I said, Im needing to remake all of the HUD graphics to deal with the higher resolution. I hope that helps.

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On 8/26/2023 at 10:45 AM, Mad Dal 85 said:

As for changing the font in the game like when it says "You have found a secret area"

that's the SMALLFONT graphics, the SMALLFONT is a bunch of graphics named STCFN___ and is used for the small messages for when you get new weapons, when you pick up an item, the kill feeds in online servers, secrets, the messages that try to guilt trip you into playing more when your about to quit the game, and a lot more.

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