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No Hope For Life EP II: FATE to begin soon.

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After PIR2 (my current project with Bill Parker) is complete..I will start working on No Hope for Life again..

Just wanted to see if anyone had any comments, sugesstions, or maybe if anyone wanted to help..

Here is a URL: http://www14.brinkster.com/aldp/version3/extra.html

Note this page will be updated when I get close to the time I will start working on NHFL EP II

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Thanks for the replys..It helps

As for testing..I would love to have you test it,,But It might help if I get something for you to test first. :P (Me a lazy bum)
It will most likely be a long awhile till I do have something..But keep checking back,,You never know.

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e1 was very nice, good udoom feel. Hopefully you'll be able to follow it up well =)

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