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Since project grown much I decided to make united topic for whole project instead of making new one for each new map.

Originally, AUQIPONING.wad was cruel and disbalanced take, now Project AUQIPONING is set of multiple single levels with 90s vibe. Maybe levels of original wad will be remade for it as tribute to thing which gave name for project...


All levels don't support difficulty settings, but has few things unique to multiplayer. Project supports singleplayer (tested but only as pistol started), 2 players (tested, but again, only as pistol start), doesn't support 3 and 4 players and has deathmatch starts, but that wasn't tested deathmatch support was completely thrown away. I'm planning to do different map project for deathmatch, but that's different topic.

You can find credits in readme file. Project previously was consisting of multiple files, now they all merged into single AUQPNR.WAD


P.S.: forgot to say: project was made for vanilla and was tested with it, so you can run maps with basically any port; hovewer, it also means that jump and crouch aren't allowed, and freelook wasn't intended.


Previous topics:




Download: auqpnr.rar


Newest screenshots:




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E1M2, I would call it as "Gaming centre" or something like this

I love details and doomcute like vehicles, arcade machines, toilets and "urinal poop dot org" stuff








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E2M9, "Syberian construction site". Made this map yesterday in 10 hours or so. My personal record for now, but surely will improve it later. Maybe add "gulag", lol.







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- New archive was uploaded yesterday

- E1M2 received easier progression

- New maps:

E2M1. Remake of my very first map!








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tried first 2 maps feels like 90s maps with random design and catching visuals

fights are good too my prboom cl2 uv demos 1-2.zip

will play rest of maps tomorrow 

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Loved it! Ok, some of the powerups are a little to out-in-the-open and unnecessary but the Doomcute's certainly worthy of closer examination! I also sort of wish more midis had been replaced but I understand that maybe not every map should have the energy of E1M6. Trust me fellow players, you'll know what I'm talking about when you come across it.



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Fun maps, a little too "lol 90s randomness" at times but overall I liked it. Felt like playing something that wasn't too hard but wasn't toothless, this fit the bill quite well.

Made some FDAs if you want, most will work in chocolate or anything else, there's one for E1M1 that needs dsda-doom (0.27.5) but I replayed that map since I exited early.

Played all of E1 and then E2M1 (died from nasty poison area) and E2M2 (softlocked), wasn't sure if the rest were meant to be played following that so I stopped.



A few random bugs and criticisms, all minor stuff.

- felt a bit weird to have only some music tracks replaced, especially as most of them were LOUD compared to the stock Doom music.

- like I said before I exited E1M1 by mistake, there didn't seem to be any indication it was actually an exit

- no secret exit in E1M3?

- you can hit the exit switch through the blocking sector in E1M4

- the very end of E1M7 has some impassable lines that are invisible

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@plumsI watched most your demos, good stuff!

- Finding free midis is somewhat hard, but recently I found huge dump of Touhou midis and some Metallica songs, so midis shouldn't be a problem in recent future

- Fixed, now exit is marked

- No. I don't know how to put it nicely, so think of E1M9 as warp-only bonus

- Fixed

- I decided to limit movement in railroad sections and don't think that some kind of barriers would fit, considering that you somewhat leave level on train

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