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So that's what the new HK looks like? Love it. :)

The medec's head and neck don't quite match his/her armor. And crossbreeding with a giraffe? :P

All in all, welcome back. :)

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Heh, the HK art reminds me of the Nemesis from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - just without eyes and with slightly different features. It's cool though, but a few more details on its face wouldn't hurt (namely the empty area above its "nose").

The Medic looks...well...feminine and quite cute. Pretty nice pic too, but personally, I think her armour is much too thin around the waist compared to in the game. Oh well, it doesn't really matter - main point is that the drawing is original and it is :-)

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1. thanks...

2. yeah, im back, but this f...kin Comstar support ripping me out each time when i need i-net, damn!!!

3. Hellknight: yes, i hope the colored version will be better...
SC medic: yes, giraffes are cool, heh... yes, the armour is too lightweigted, and has its crappy flamethrower... :D

4. more shity pics coming soon...

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