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island on deep water (BOOM)

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yep, im looking to make an island in some deep water, be able to walk on top (out of the water on top) and under it (in the water under the island) Is this possible? It would really help me alote, thanks

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Yes, provided you use a Boom-compatible source port. For vanilla Doom you can use a faked deep water effect (see Hykkelbjerg's Doom Editing Pages, linked from our tutorial section), but you cannot submerge.

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I think what he means is that he wants to walk on and under the island (so the island is effectively a solid mass which is floating between floor and ceiling), which isn't possible in Boom. There is a way to do it in ZDoom, and that's to use Duke-style water zones (where you teleport once your eyes go below/above the fake floor). I've not used those before, but Rex (and probably Enjay) have done so, so it's best to ask them.

You could also do proper 3D floors (which is what the island would be) in Legacy and Edge, but I'm no expert there.

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Ultimate DooMer said:

I've not used those before, but Rex (and probably Enjay) have done so, so it's best to ask them.

Yeah, that's the only way I can think of doing it. Coincidentaly I have an example file based on a bit of one of ReX's "Darkest Hour" levels on my tripod site


It's about the third or fourth link down on the site.

I think this file...


is Randy Heit's example of the same thing, but I think maybe he covered a few more options (I don't remember).

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I'm thinking that this won't be entirely possible, just consider that ship at sea with island wad I showed you, Enjay (the dwango4 map9 remake). If you go underwater in the general area between the ship and island, you don't want to teleport anywhere, just be in the ocean in that area. You'd like to be able to look under the ship though, and see through to the other side. Someone on board should be able to shoot at you while you are in the water, so you have to remain in the ocean sector, but then you cannot see underneath the ship. If you had an ocean sector "containing" the ship and close to it so that you had to go below water level while right next to the ship to teleport to an "under ship" part of the map, you would not be able to see back out from under it into the main part of the sea.

This stuff works only for enclosed tanks, pipes and such, right?

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So what your saying is to teleport to a sector of water and, when you go above water, to teleport back? hmm... I didnt want to use duke type levels, but since BOOM has that silent teleport thingy, I can make a bridge on the water top and it will lead to the island, where underwater the island will actually be a cealing texture, I never thought of that, thanks (hehe im sure you didnt understand that :) ) hmm... yep, thats the only way (too bad I really suck at identical sector duplicating :( but heh I only started makin levels a week ago :) ) Well I got alote of work to do with DEU, heh seeya, and thanks again for youe help :) <-- i use that too much... Im just exited, too much soda and tea hehe

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