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Entry Fort

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This is the first level made by me (DuckyCart) that I have uploaded to this site.




From Text file:



Title                         : Entry Fort
Filename                  : FORT.zip
Release Date            : 09/10/2023
Completion Date       : 09/05/2023
Author                      : DuckyCart
Email Address            : DuckyCart@gmail.com
* What's included *

New Levels                   : Map01
Sounds                         : No
Graphics                       : No
Music                           : No
Demos Replaced            : DEMO1
* Play Information *

Game                            : Doom II
Map #                           : Map01
Single Player                  : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player    : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player    : Yes
Difficulty Setting             : Yes
Other Game Styles          : No
* Construction *

Base                              : From Scratch
Editor(s) used                 : Doom Builder Ultimate
Build Time                      : From August 20th, 2023 to September 05th, 2023.
Tested With                    : Chocolate Doom and GZDoom

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY distribute this PWAD, provided you include this file, with no modifications.
You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, USB, etc)
as long as you include this file intact.







Edited by DuckyCart : inclusion of text from the text file and screenshots.

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Great nice little fun map, feels more like Doom 1 map rather than Doom 2 with no use of it's monsters and visuals of Knee-Deep in a Dead (and references from e1m1 too) but it didn't stopped me from enjoyment of it. Good start for first map, solid combat and visuals are enough to not get bored. Good thing you get that map in Chocolate Doom since more people would likely to play it in their prefered port, extra points for that decision.

Overall, keep it up and have a good time mapping more.

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Welcome to DoomWorld, DuckyCart, and congratulations on your (very good) first map! A nice layout with some optional areas, smart secrets, and encounters that can be tough if the player doesn't explore the optional areas for resources but still winnable without them. Also, really good enemy positioning in a few areas (i.e. the imps by the switch in the outside area). As others have said, the homages to E1M1 were great, and I like how you put your own spin to some of them (especially using the columns to conceal some monsters in the final room, which took me by surprise). Hope to see more stuff from you in the future!

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Really nice fun map - had some friends show me around good times - fun nostalgic pleasant - fun chill map - that secret lol - good 1


seriously for first map you hit it out of the park ( I seen some ROUGH firsties ) so yeah - feel good - even that deathmatch extra stuff super good you are givin er full on


time for pork ribs



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Enjoyed the map and agree with previous comments the references to classic maps are very cool.

I missed the chaingun area and had to pistol a lot of imps! :-)

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Hello again!


After playing the impressive Flesh Halls, I thought I would try out some of your other maps and where better to start than your first post!


Well, what can I say? You hit it out of the park. For a first map, it is seriously impressive. Everything feels polished and tested with a clear understanding of combat and layout awareness.


Honestly, this map felt as though it was an alternate version of hanger from KDITD. Great stuff. Really enjoyed it yet again. Keep going down this line and you will begin be pretty well known for your style xD


For sure going to give your other maps a go after playing this and Flesh Halls.


Keep up the good work!


9/10 yet again!


Played with DSDA



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