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Where did it go? Where are the old html scripts? Where can I find them

Long ago in 1999 when Doom World was a still growing, there once was a place called Doom HQ that stuck around, wasn't noticed, updated, had good links, solid base, and then it died...

WTF happened?

There was some excellent TCs that were in progress. One even gave a screen shot of a flaming blue sword, a lost soul cannon, an imp arm that shot fireballs, a crossbow, and a wicked double-barrled pump shotgun.

Now tell me where did all this good stuff go?

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It probably was forgot about, just like a shit load of other cool doom stuff. Sadly enough, this kinda shit goes on all the time, people start mega wads and forget about them, or a good site dissappears...?

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That sure is sad... high-quality Doom gfx changes are always hard to come by. Most of the wads I've seen, despite good levels and programming, seem to keep using the same weapon gfx. Personally I think importing weapons from other games has gone a little too far, and I'd like to see more original stuff. Whenever I make new Doom weaps I model them from scratch myself in a 3D program, and I'd like to see more people doing the same.

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