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Some Screens

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I've got some really early shots of the test map...

Here is the first, it's pretty much obsolete now, as the map just barely resembles the state in which it is in now:


The second is in the "forest" and shows the fast vegetation the teams will face while fighting each other, the plants and trees make hiding much easier for snipers, (which can prone and crawl around in the grass):


This is another shot of the jungle, only from above the "river":


I need skinners now also, who will need to do the allies player sprites, which include new animations. I'll need to see some previous work, but if you're interested, speak up.

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The shrubbery is cool.

Yeach, looks fine. I think, will be preties with some transluency.

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GameArena said:

The turtle is the players stamina.

Oh,i see. Is the stamina efficted buy the weaght of the whepons he or she is careing.Or is it just efficted by running.

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Well, I goddamn hate DooM forests - they'll always look crap to me. However, sounds like you've got a pioneering Doom mod going here - I don't think there's anything of this type (at least not with this kind of extensive gameplay modifications) that has been made for Doom.

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Currently it's just effected by running speeds, but I'll slowly add more realism to the stanima (based on weapons), as more members sign on to the team. But mainly I'm focusing on some compatablilty issues that have been reported.

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