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[EB] ECS - Week #62: Ray Mohawk 2 Co-op

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Euroboros Community Sessions - Week #62: Ray Mohawk 2 Co-op


Hey everyone! This week in ECS we are playing Co-op in the maps of Ray Mohawk 2: Ray Wreaks Havoc!


The session commences tomorrow on Sunday, September 17th 2023, at 8PM CET / 2PM EST!




Ray Mohawk 2: Ray Wreaks Havoc! is a community mapset project lead by Doomkid in 2021, consisting of 21 maps plus 2 bonus maps. In this longer sequel, Ray is looking for justice, strapped to lay down his vengeance to those that have taken over the once-beautiful tropical region. Nukage™ has either killed or zombified 80% of humanity. Ray's current and final assignment is to fight the remaining infected mutants and demonic invaders in his local area, a once-beautiful tropical region consisting of beaches, small towns and old historic ruins.


Nukage™ took its toll on most of Ray's friends and family and changed them from people he loved into hideous monsters, so at this point he wants justice. All uninfected survivors have been evacuated to a safe zone in Japan, so he can now go in guns blazing to help prevent this wave of horror from spreading any further. Ray misses his old life of surfing and drinking with his friends, but all the chaos he's been through has proven him to be as gifted a soldier as he is a surfer.


Ray Mohawk 2 got an honorable mention in the 2021 Cacowards! It is designed for Co-op, so blasting through beachfuls of demons should be a lot of fun with friends!




Join the Euroboros Discord server to participate in this week's Euroboros Community Session, and if you want to leave YOUR suggestion for a future session!


Register now at Euroboros.net to host your own free European Doom multiplayer servers on Zandronum and Q-Zandronum!


Consider supporting Euroboros on Patreon to gain hosting benefits such as extra active server slots!

See you on the session!

- Kaapeli47

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