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Replacing patches already made....

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Allright, I read the freedoom txt, but I couldn't find anything covering this.

I was thinking of making a marble texture replacing one of the mwall patches, but it's already been made.

If I make another one, would there be a vote or something on which goes in the wad?

I've been messing around with my X-ray pictures to replace one of the patches, because they look a little similar (mwall4_2). take a look at the doom tex then look at my mri pic (which should be at http://tobester.slipgate.org because I told dest to put them up, but I can't check cause im at a library comp).

the resemblance is a little creepy, eh?

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I'm fairly certain that there will be a few votes on what goes into the wad near the end. I'm kinda annoyed that The Imp pain sound I made was replaced by what I feel is an inferior one. but hey, democracy works, sometimes. and we could vote on it.

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