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What are the most strangely titled pieces of media you can think of?

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22 hours ago, Major Arlene said:

A Half-Life game called G-String.


Hahaha. I remember years ago, my acoustic guitar's tuning knobs were so munted i somehow snapped the third string which, for the unitiated, plays a g note when played open. So for a couple of days afterwards when people asked how i was i replied sadly "i broke my g string" followed by "on my guitar, what did you think i meant?" The looks i got were hilarious. 

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I'd say a lot of the titles to the Touhou games. Like "Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost" is definitely something to name your game, and I have no idea what a "Double Dealing Character" is.

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On 11/19/2023 at 8:49 AM, The BMFG said:



JPEGMAFIA has some good examples

i cant fucking wait til morrisey dies is a good one

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the best titles in the world are always the longest i swear. everything down to song titles "You Suck At Life...And I Don't Mean the Board Game" (song from band ed gein) to show names "Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!". like legit these names kick too much ass

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