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Very enjoyable for casual playing! This level has a nice retro design and breathes the charm of early Doom years. There's even a classic green torch! I first thought it would only feature Doom I monsters, but not quite. I guess I made it a bit harder than necessary for me by not finding two of the three secrets in my first playthrough ... ;-)


One tiny bit of criticism would be that many enemies can be killed "from the doorstep". But again, the same is true for my recent release, so I certainly cannot blame you for that.


I'll recommend this to everyone who likes to blast through straightforward, oldschooly maps.


Keep going, happy to see more from you!

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Nice short level! This indeed feels like a decent 1990's map. While the choice of enemies falls on the easier side (other than some barons and the pain elemental, the latter moreso if you don't find the secrets), the map may still be challenging enough in term of maneuverability, true to its Hell Beneath influence. Secrets are pretty aptly designed as well, with one requiring you to find a uniquely-colored torch (a classic one!) and others being simply obscure enough to require a more thorough exploration from the player side. Also, love me some more Donna to the Rescue being used on custom maps.


Fellow Shovelware Society members such as @Walter confetti, @Clippy, and @United VirusX will probably like this too. (Oh, and just a little side note, but as a Muslim, I find it nice seeing mappers use Arabic/Islamic terms appropriate to Doom's theme.)

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Man I like literally just played this and I can't express how literally I just played this how literally it was like super just



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Finally in HD yeah I liked it


Nice kind of chill map I especially appreciate the Doom one atmosphere and nostalgic design there


Feels like you're very slowly ramping up to opening up to high tier monster lol 


I'll try to do more when I can but yeah good times 


I feel especially bad for anyone who neglects to find any secrets and is stuck with the single shotgun the whole time but these secrets aren't too hard to find 


Have good 1 




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Hello there! me again! 


Really liked this one! reminded me of E4M1 of Ultimate Doom. Was that the inspiration? xD


as always, good simple aesthetic, good combat, good secrets. 


It always seems I'm saying the same things when I play your maps doesn't it? I spose that's what you get when quality is always there! 


Once again, keep up the good work! 


Played with DSDA  



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DuckyCart, thanks for creating Barzakh, I loved the title and I also loved the map construction. Here is my demo, containing more aspects of my opinion (text in Brazilian Portuguese): https://youtu.be/HFN0-MOiD-I

I hope to play more of your productions! See you next time!

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