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I'm just gonna paste this from the ST v0.94b readme.txt file.

-- Section 5: Starting a server

- I want to start a simple deathmatch server. How do I do that?

skulltag -host

- I want to start a deathmatch level on map01. How do I do that?

skulltag -host +map01

- How do I run a server with my own specified map rotation?

Two ways to do that. The first way is to load skulltag,
and type "addmap <mapname>" for all your maps in the console window.
The second (prolly best) way, is to edit your autoexec.cfg file,
and put all your addmap commands in there. It will then load
automatically next time you run Skulltag, and your game will start
on the first map in your rotation.
Also, MAKE SURE sv_maprotation is set to 1! It defaults to
1, so this shouldn't be a problem.

- How do I run a CTF server?

skulltag -host +map d2ctf<1-4>

- How do I make my server show up on the master server?

- Make sure "master" is set to 1.
- Make sure "masterip" is set to skulltag.kicks-ass.net
( )

-- Section 6: Connecting to a server

- How do I browse for games?

- Currently, the best way to use that is through Internet
Doom Explorer ( http://nfdfn.jinr.ru/~bond/csdoom/ ). Visit the
site for details.
- For IDE, put the master server address in ( skulltag.kicks-ass.net:15000 ) under the "Options 1" tab.
- We also plan to add support for Doom Connector in the
very near future.

- How do use skulltag to connect to an IP directly?

skulltag -connect <IP>

Please post if you have additional questions.

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Doom Connector support for Skulltag is now complete. Both masterserver queries (for public servers) and custom peer-to-peer games are 100% supported. Have fun ;)

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forget the dos prompt, or batch files, or any of that garbage, go get the doom connector, a real launcher

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