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Back from vacation

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Well, I got to spend a week freewheeling it in Florida this last week which was really cool and then to top it off - when I got back I went to see Disturbed on their new Music As A Weapon 2 tour. Kick ass is all I have to say to that.
Anyway - when I got back, naturally, there were a bunch of emails with projects waiting for review - amongst them is one that I've gotten a quick look at - a megawad called Fragport. So far so good. Just thought I would let you guys know that there should be a bunch of new stuff coming in the next week on several areas of my site.

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Nice to see ya back. Will look forward to the reviews on your page.

I released an older, (Blind Alley B.) yet very fun map, while you were gone, and another coming in the next ten days or so.

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