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The Definitive PSX Doom version for PSP

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Good day.

After working on this for almost 2 hours(bc i was converting the mp3 to ap3, lol) i got for you the best PSX Doom for PSP. The best part is that this runs natively on the PSP(Since PSP was backwards compatible with PS1/X games)
You'll need a jailbroken PSP with PRO-C. Theres too much video tutorials on how install it so go and check them! Make sure that your PSP Firmware is 6.61 

Also the game file is on a .rar format, so you'll need WinRar to extract it, download WinRar here: [REMOVED]


Connect your PSP to your computer with the PSP Usb cable.

Move the folder called "Doom" to: PSP/GAME

And that's all, just start to play the terrifying, eerie and creepy PSX Doom on your PSP :) 



Edited by Obsidian : Removed warez links - Obsidian

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What differences are there between this and PlayStation Doom?


Pretty sure it's still illegal to distribute ROMs like you're doing here

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This version doesn't have too much differences, its just the same game but running natively on the PSP.

And by the way I think this is not ilegal since the PSP store is down along with the PSX Games for PSP, I just recreated how the game should looked.

I also used my PSX Doom physical copy and dumped it to my PC to make the EBOOT.

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You are surely free to dump your game for yourself, but its certainly NOT legal to distribute it further.

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