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heretic, hacking, etc. got heretic? yep!

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finally getting heretic..... off ebay. bahhhhh 3$ anyone play heretic? fun isnt it? anyone know how to hack it? thats ok, i dont either. halo2 10 months plus away, plenty of time for heretic :) ^-^ :D (>_<) (*V*) can u tell i am happy?

:>) = big nose on a heretic :]/ = talking dragon w/ broken jaw <*^*> = looking up at a flaming wizard 0V0 = crazy undead thingy (o)(o)= dragon t!ts

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Yes, Heretic is kinda cute, though I think it should have differentiated itself a bit more from Doom (the weapons feel far to similar).

Because Heretic uses the Doom Engine it is one of the games covered by this site. There should be some Heretic posts around here. Due to intense lobbying from one Liam the Bard heretic wads are also (occasionally) covered in the Newstuff.

Heretic modding is in many senses similar to Doom modding.

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I have Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders, and it's a pretty cool game, by my standards. I really like the fantasy/magic theme, and the weapons, though they be derivative, seem (to me) to be like completely different weapons. Yeah, it's weird.
I also like the level design. E1M4, E1M5, and E1M7 are all good examples. Probably the best .wad levels ever, except for some of the original Doom and Doom2 ones.
The music and sounds are pretty nicely done. There's really not too much to say, they're something like Doom's but sound sort of magicy. Heh ;)

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Heretic rocks. It rocks so much I went and made an episode for it...

To hack it: get HereHackEd (the Heretic version of DeHackEd) for basic exe editing. To make maps, grab an editor like WadAuthor or DeePsea, as they can edit Heretic maps as well as DooM maps.

In other words (once you have the right programs) Heretic hacking/mapping is virtually the same as DooM hacking/mapping (but with different textures, monsters etc.)

Little Faith said:

Due to intense lobbying from one Liam the Bard heretic wads are also (occasionally) covered in the Newstuff.

All Heretic wads get covered in newstuff, it's just that there's so few of them made. (only 6 were made last year)

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i got it. i like it. i've seen better. ok.

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