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LEGION - The HoD Monster Mod [Update 4] Feb 11, 2024

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"Who then?", Jesus said, "Which one stands before me?"


The man replied "We are




for we are many..."


Welcome to LEGION! A mod where Hell bites you in the ass.


--- DOWNLOAD ---


Code Repo

Latest Changelog


- General Concepts -

  • Enemies are much stronger and more aggressive. They have special attacks that operate on a cooldown.
  • Most enemies have side-graded variants
  • Enemies were designed to fill their same general role, but be much better at it. Results may vary.
  • Compatible with any weapon mod, but uses damage types for interactions with various mods of mine and Yholl's
  • Each monster type has a BOSS variant. These are very rare and very dangerous. This concept is still WIP, and not every BOSS is implemented
  • Options for controlling spawns and VFX
  • There is a very WIP in-game Codex of Demons with details and lore on each of the monsters.
  • Enemies are grouped into 5 Catagories, each with unique traits and weaknesses: Human, Demon, Cyber, Undead and Brain
    • Humans do no infight each other
      • Humans have no innate weakness or resistances
    • Demons are split into three 'classes': Lesser, Middle and Greater. They often have a wide variety of moves
      • All Demons are weak to Holy and resist Unholy
      • Middle and Greater Demons resist Elemental
      • Middle and Greater Demons can be attuned to an Element, further increasing their resistance to that element but granting them a weakness
    • Cybers are slow but much more durable. They have a wide variety of weapons
      • Cybers resist SmallArms and Bullet but are weak to Plasma and VERY weak to Electricty
    • Undead are slow, durable and immortal. Their corpses must be destroyed or they will come back.
      • Undead are immune to Unholy and Poison, but are very weak to Fire
    • Brains are resistant to Elemental and Magic, but are weak to Melee
      • They can generate Barriers that protect them from direct attacks


- Damage Types and Details -



  • Melee, SmallArms and LongArms are known together as 'Physical'
    • Melee is melee attacks, obviously, but can also be a generic application of force, like psychic pushes or throwing rocks.
    • SmallArms is smaller caliber bullets, like pistols and SMGs, and equivalent. Anything stopped by soft armor
    • LongArms is intermediate caliber bullets, like rifles, and equivalent. Anything that is typically stopped by ceramic plates. 
  • Fire, Ice and Electric attacks are known together as 'Elemental'
    • Fire attacks deal typical amounts of damage, and high level attacks can burn you for light damage over time. They fly at medium speeds
    • Ice attacks deal wildly random damage, from 1 to as high as double the max damage of a Fire attack. High level Ice attacks chill you, reducing movement speed. Ice attacks travel slowly.
    • Electric attacks deal a set amount of damage. High level Electric attacks can Magnetize you, increasing damage you take. Electric attacks fly the fastest, and may be hitscans.
  • Magic attacks have varying properties, depending on the caster. More magically inclined enemies will resist Magic type attacks.
  • Plasma attacks deal high, random damage and typically fly at faster speeds. They have no special properties.
  • Unholy attacks deal high, random damage and fly at slightly slower than typical speeds. They have no special properties. Attacks of this nature are often referred to as 'Grave'.
  • Hellfire attacks are much stronger and faster Fire attacks. They will always burn you badly, dealing heavy damage over time. Thankfully, Demons who can actually manipulate Hellfire are very rare.
  • Piercing attacks are anything that can't be stopped by traditional body armor. This can be stuff like rockets, high level magic, high caliber bullets like .50 BMG or high powered lasers. Sometimes ignores armor completely.
  • Bullet, PLWater and Poison are included in defenses/weakness, but nothing uses these types to attack.


- The Bestiary -



Humans, Turncoats and Possessed

Many of Hell’s denizens lack forms, being floating souls and spirits damned to suffer for their sins in life. Most demons consume these souls for power, pleasure or sustenance. With the Gates of Hell being opened, these wretched souls rush out, overtaking the minds and bodies of weak willed or near death humans. The possession restores and rejuvenates their bodies, making them ideal ground troopers and cannon fodder. These spirits can even possess the dead, but the results are less than ideal. Human technology is surprisingly advanced, allowing them to augment their bodies with cybernetics. Too bad this doesn’t augment their minds…
Even in this sorry state, humans are masters of communication and have much more even tempers than demons. They will not fire on their non-demonic allies. All of them carry some sort of radio, allowing them to alert others.
Zombiemen are just staff, possessed or freshly raised grabbing the closest gun they can, and as such are bad shots. There were soldiers around, however, and they are much MUCH better shots…

SPECIAL : Will check fire lines and reposition. Soldiers and Commandos throw grenades. Soldiers and Commandos wear armor that resist Physical.
Spawns are a mixed pool, instead of being set monsters. Humans can have pistols, SMGs, rifles or LMGs. They are extremely dangerous but fragile.

  • Faculty - Human
  • Soldiers - Human
  • Commandos - Human
  • Zombies - Undead
  • Unwilling - Demon, Lesser
  • BOSS - Zombie Horde - Undead
  • BOSS - Cyborg Scout - Human/Cyber
  • BOSS - Cyborg Commando - Human/Cyber



The lowest intelligent demon in Hell. Despite its status at the bottom of the food chain, imps are still much stronger and hardier than humans, and have a natural knack for magic. Even the weakest of imps is capable of throwing fireballs, and imps that hone their magic skills are fearsome opponents.
Imps, being the most common and numerous of Hell's legions, come in a variety of shapes and have a variety of abilities. Some even practice necromancy and become undead.
Imps stand between 5’ 10” and 8’ 4” tall, and weigh between 200 lbs and 410 lbs. Despite lacking reproductive organs and obvious outward appearance, they are shockingly similar to humans in physiology. The brown coloration of their bodies is from a fine layer of fur; their skin is a dark grey in color. Dark Imps and Harvesters lack this fur. The entire species is subject to various physical mutations, but these mutations seem to have no effect on the creatures’ social hierarchy.
Their Sin is Sloth, for they have yet to realize their potential.

Special: Quick and agile, able to leap and lunge


  • Imp - Demon, Lesser
  • Dark Imp - Demon, Lesser
  • Frost Imp - Demon, Lesser
  • Harvester - Undead
  • Cyber Imp - Cyber/Demon, Lesser
  • BOSS - Imp Mage - Demon, Greater


One of the few demons to lack any kind of designation. Nicknamed “pinky” by the humans who fight them, these demons relentlessly pursue prey, voraciously consuming the flesh and organs of those unfortunate enough to get too close to this maw with legs. They seem to lack any advanced intelligence, acting almost animal-like in their hunts. Death does not come easy for these creatures, as they can shrug off even mortal wounds, and worse yet, recover quickly from glancing blows. They do not possess the ability to regrow lost limbs, but even these wounds will close off and the creature can quickly make a full recovery.
Autopsies have shown these creatures have several redundant organs and extremely strong bones, including a dummy brain, 3 hearts, 4 lungs and an entire back up nervous system. They lack a proper digestive system, having only a throat and stomach, but no intestines nor a colon. It’s believed they can burn up physical matter in their stomachs to fuel their regenerative powers, a trait only seen in demons when consuming souls. Other demons refer to them a little more than animals or cattle. Pinkies are permanently hunched over, being between 5’ 6” and 6’ 3” in height. Stretched out, they can stand nearly 8’. They weigh between 350 lbs and 500 lbs. Despite having fully developed arms with usable thumbs, they are rarely seen using them.
Their Sin is Lust, for they relentlessly pursue their desire for flesh and blood. They are quick to close in on prey, working in tandem with other pinkies and demons. Often used as meat shields and attack animals by other demons. Seems to lack any sense of self-preservation, either through stupidity or a primal bravado.

SPECIAL: Regenerates health. Has a 10% chance to cheat death, getting back up with full health but bleeding out. Gibbing prevents this.


  • Pinky - Demon, Lesser
  • Dark Pinky - Demon, Lesser
  • Cyber Pinky - Demon, Lesser/Cyber


Lost Souls

Wandering souls of the damned and departed are often shapeless masses of energy floating throughout Hell. Sometimes, these souls possess the myriad of skulls and heads lying about, forming into this demon. Despite being largely insignificant, one should not underestimate these flying apparitions, or you would find yourself overwhelmed in a flurry of tooth and horn.
Extremely weak but almost always appearing in large numbers, Lost Souls flit about Hell’s legions, having no real place in the hierarchy and doing as they will. Most demons tolerate their presence, as they aimless go about, seemingly searching for their salvation.
Their Sin is many, as they are the lost and the damned.

SPECIAL : Attacks deal elemental damage.


  • Lost Soul - Demon, Lesser
  • Damned Soul - Demon, Lesser



Not even death is a final respite from Hell, as proven by these juggernauts of bone and metal. Crafted from the bones of fallen demons and humans alike, revenants serve as perfectly obedient shock troopers and special weapons platforms. Further enhanced by cybernetics, they charge forth firing shoulder cannons hoping to tear enemies apart with their bare hands.
This simplistic behavior can be explained by the use of a pinky brain as a kind of CPU. Once a human brain was used in hopes of creating a smarter and more useful combatant, but this revenant was considered a failure; the mind binding spells failed, it retained its sentience and now rages throughout Hell.

Special: Armor breaks on death, disabling weapons


  • Revenant - Undead
  • Para-Revenant - Undead
  • Heavy Revenant - Undead



Listless demons coming in a slew of forms, these are some of the few demons that do not show outward maliciousness. Some barely show intelligence, as they can be seen bumping into walls and chewing on structures and doors. Charged with elemental energy, usually lightning, and mildly psionic, they are dangerous combatants when enraged and will not hesitate to kill an aggressor.
Often sharing territory with other demons, some greater demons can be seen domesticating them as pets and guard dogs. With sharp elemental charged fangs and the ability to spit elemental energy balls while being able to fly and being incredibly hardy, they serve this job well. Attempts to cybernize them have failed, as the elemental energies of their bodies interferes with the machinery, and their minds are shielded from mental attack. Somehow.
Autopsies have failed to identify what the two holes on their backs are. They lack a digestive system, and they don’t appear to have the internal reproductive organs. The only demon where a juvenile version has been discovered. This fact, along with the fact that they lack a Sin, lead some to believe Cacodemons are not demons at all. But, what are they then…?

Special: Wanders around after spawning. Large chance to be docile. Have disproportionately powerful special attacks.


  • Cacodemon - Demon, Middle
  • Cacoboreal - Demon, Middle
  • Cacoflame - Demon, Middle
  • Cacolich - Undead/Demon, Middle
  • BOSS - Broodmother - Demon, Greater


Hell Knights

A seemingly lesser version of the mighty Barons of Hell, these titans of muscle can be seen charging through and breaking defensive lines all over the Earth. Despite the visual similarity, not much is known about the connection between Hell Knights and Barons of Hell.
Their Sin is Wrath, barely contained in their bodies. Their anger is so great as to impede on their ability to coordinate with other demons, and to stunt their magical growth. Repeatedly attacking these creatures can lead to them flying into a rage, tearing ally and enemy apart in a rampage.

SPECIAL: Hitting them increases a hidden Rage meter. When maxed, goes berserk, increasing speed and agility while being unable to use spells.


  • Hell Knight - Demon, Middle
  • Cyber Knight - Demon, Middle/Cyber
  • BOSS - Labolas - Demon, Greater


Pain Elementals

Horrible brown balls of hate whose very innards burn with the fires of Hell. Despite physical similarities, these creatures are in no way related to the less malevolent Cacodemon. Name for their great pleasure of causing any and all other creatures around them agony in any form. The souls they consume burn within them in constant pain, before they are broken and form into Lost Souls. They spit these Lost Souls as a form of defense, and as a final act of cruelty, violently explode into flame and release any Lost Souls left in them.
While their arms are nearly useless, these creatures are far from defense less. In short ranges, their rows of teeth can deliver horrible gnashing wounds, and they can breath fire to a limited extend. Even among the horrible denizens of Hell, these are greatly hated creatures, and often float about alone, trying to find some other being to agonize. It would be almost side if they weren’t all huge dicks. How the Spiders gained any form of cooperation from them is a mystery.
Their Sin is Envy, for they hate all around them and desire all that they do not own. If only to take it from another creature. Some demonic texts suggest that the Pain Elemental is merely a cocoon, consuming vast amounts of souls to feed the growth of something within. Something much, much worse…

SPECIAL: Explodes on death, dealing damage and spawning more Lost Souls


  • Pain Elemental - Demon, Middle
  • Torment Elemental - Demon, Middle



Large and corpulent demons. They lumber around Hell, eating and killing anything they can get their claws on. One of the few demons that uses weapons in this modern age, with Astaroth Flame Cannons strapped to each arm. These cannons are hooked into the Mancubus’ body, weaponizing the gases they produce from feeding.
Surprisingly little is known about these hefty giants. Their bodies deflate when killed, and this makes autopsy reports unreliable and inconsistent. Why they seem to melt off their bones is a mystery, but one hypothesis is that they have some kind of organ that consumes the gas in their bodies. With their death, the organ fails and the gas rapidly eats away at their flesh causing them to seemingly melt. It produces a noxious odor but is otherwise harmless. They stand at 8’ tall, and are all the same height somehow.
Their Sin is Gluttony, for they consume all in their maws and their flames. The only demon that cooks their meat before consumption, though they are perfectly capable of eating it raw.

SPECIAL: Explodes into a fiery explosion on gibb or death to Fire elemental attacks.


  • Mancubus - Demon, Middle
  • Dark Mancubus - Demon, Middle
  • Cyro Mancubus - Demon, Middle


Barons of Hell

Towering behemoths of demons. Commonly known as Hell Nobles. These creatures are intelligent, physically powerful and capable of casting powerful magic. Standing high in Hell’s hierarchy of violence, these bruisers answer only to the Masterminds themselves. Many variants of this demon exist, specializing in different types of magic, but all are experts of destruction. While more than capable in melee with sharp claws and powerful muscles, they prefer standing back and throwing magic while lesser demons overwhelm their enemies.
Barons of Hell stand between 9’ and 12’ feet tall, and weigh between 1300 lbs and 2100 lbs. Their bodies consist of almost entirely muscle and bone, with very little fat and no digestive tract. They have very large, green hearts and an intestine-like organ of an unknown purpose. It is unknown what causes the green coloration of their blood, but it evaporates shortly after coagulation. Bones and skulls are many times thicker than expected for their size, and the skin is thick enough to deflect small arms fire.
Their Sin is Greed, for they desire the power of the dark gods they serve.

SPECIAL: Throws counter attacks and are 50% resistant to Small Arms.


  • Baron of Hell - Demon, Greater
  • Baron of Flames - Demon, Greater
  • Baron of Darkness - Demon, Greater
  • Baron of Rime - Demon, Greater
  • Baron Mage - Demon, Greater
  • Cyber Baron - Demon, Greater/Cyber
  • BOSS - Bruiser Demon - Demon, Greater



Truly the most demonic of demons, Archviles serve as generals of Hell’s army and guide worship of its dark Icons, commanding respect from even the stubborn Nobles. Powerful magicians, with inherent abilities to summon or revive other demons and an unnatural durability, they make for some of the most terrifying combatants. Thankfully they prefer to guide away from the front line. They seem to be one of the few demons capable and willing to deal with humans, but these “Deals with the devil” never end well for the mortal soul involved.
Their Sin is Pride, the greatest of sins, for they will not act on anyone’s behalf but their own. They are one of the few demons shown to have a specified gender, though no female Archviles have been observed. This, combined with their tenancy to take human prisoners for some dark purpose and their observed capacity for cruelty, has troubling implications.
Many Archviles focus on one aspect of magic, but the terrible Bishops are masters of all, and should be avoided at all costs. These so called Elemental Archviles are no more powerful than common members of their ilk, but possess great mastery of their chosen element and possess many powerful abilities.

SPECIAL: Has force armor that resists 50% of all damage. Armor can be broken. Can revive dead demons or summon new ones, but never both.


  • Archvile - Demon, Greater
  • Voltaic Archvile - Demon, Greater
  • Boreal Archvile - Demon, Greater
  • Wizard - Demon, Greater



Enforcers of the Spider Masterminds’ wills, these creatures patrol around on metal bodies made of an unknown metal sporting powerful plasma repeaters. Between this chassis and their natural Psionic barriers, Archnotrons are formidable and sturdy foes, able to hold their own against the physically stronger demons.
It is debated if these creatures and the Masterminds they serve are demons at all. They aren’t seen coordinating with demons outside of direction, are quick to fight them, don’t possess magic, don’t heed the word of Archviles and Nobles, don’t participate in rituals and don’t consume souls. In fact, they have never been seen speaking to another demon, but this may be a result of the creature being telepathic.
The exact relation to Spider Masterminds is unclear. Both are physically similar and share Psionic abilities, with Masterminds being much stronger and larger. One hypothesis is that they are the same creature, Archnotrons being males and Masterminds being the females.


SPECIAL: Can shoot through each other, and explodes on gibb


  • Arachnotron - Brain
  • Arachnodrone - Undead/Cyber/Brain



Gargantuan demons of immense power, these titans of flesh and metal are created from the corpses of the long dead protodemons, said to be the precursors of the venerable Demon Lords, rulers of Hell and the true children of the Icon of Sin. Where the Spiderdemons found these corpses is unknown, but through necromancy and cybernetics they live again to spread terror and destruction throughout Hell and beyond.
Some say that the protodemons still live. If this is true, they must be exceedingly rare, excessively powerful, ancient beyond measure and an offense to the Demon Lords. One such Lord may appear to deal with the protodemon personally…

SPECIAL: Resists Physical, Elemental and Magic


  • Cyberdemon - Demon, Proto/Cyber


Spider Mastermind

Also known as Spiderdemons, these beings stand atop the pillar of Hell, answering to no one as they direct the forces of Hell against Earth. Old records of Hell fail to mention these demons or their offshoots, appearing suddenly a mere few thousand years ago, bringing upheaval and cybernetics with them, knocking Hell Nobles from the top to become the new alpha demon. Some believe they are not demons at all, or at least that they do not originate from Hell. Why the Icon of Sin and the Demon Lords allow them to exist is a mystery known only to them.
Unlike most, Spiderdemons do not have a Sin. They crush enemies from afar with oppressive Psionic attacks, and powerful weaponry attached to gigantic metallic chassis. Their large bodies, Psionic barriers and cybernetic legs allow these creatures to sustain incredible amounts of punishment.

SPECIAL: Chassis grants resistance to several damage types and possesses a wide array of weapons.


  • Spider Mastermind


- Some gameplay with Feet On The Ground -



- TODO -

  • Patches for special drop tables with various mods
  • Add more variants and bosses
  • Boss shuffler
  • Finish the damn Codex



Edited by Brohnesorge : Update 4 information

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NIce! Glad to see you refining this lovely project even more so! Absolute beauty since day 1.

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Honestly, I let this one sit for far too long. I would have continued to wait until I felt like an Update 4 was ready, but there were too many small issues that 3.5 fixed that I felt it needed to get out there. It's been a busy year and I haven't been able to mod, until recently. Marriage and all that.


I'm planning on getting Update 4 out by the end of the year, but I'm not making any promises, and I'm not setting any dates or schedules in stone. So what to expect from Update 4? A new boss, the Flame Succubus. I won't spoil completely what she does, but she's the Pain Elemental boss, so I'm sure you have a general idea. I'm also doing a pass to fix more inconsistencies, improve VFX, slim down code and making sure options actually work. There likely won't be any new monsters (maybe a pistol Soldier) but I am updating some monster behaviors to make them more unique from one another. For example, Faculty, Soldiers and Commandos will all act fight differently, instead of just being the same thing but a little bit faster and with a little more HP.


And my eternal battle that is the damn Codex.

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Some video of the coming Update 4, with Yoru no Sei. You can see some of the new stuff, like improved human AI, recolored sprites instead of translations, and the boss warning messages. Keep an eye out for it soon!

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Alright, so my plan to get Update 4 out by the end of the year didn't quite go through. Ended up going on hiatus, then focusing on Feet On The Ground. Regardless, we got there and Update 4 is released! Grab it in the OP, and check out the changelog.


Here are the highlights

  • Complete code overhaul
  • Brightmaps
  • CVars fully function, and more CVars added
  • New monster: Torment Elemental
  • Cyborg Scout and Bruiser Demon remade
  • Para-Revenants are no longer awful
  • Readme added with extra gameplay information
  • Codex removed from the game, instead being a document on the code repo and in the zip

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2 hours ago, Broadsword Jim said:

How can I play it? When I download it, I don't see the main LEGION file there.


The ZIP is the mod file in this case. Pk3 are just zip files at their core. Generally we name them as pk3 to differentiate from a normal zip so as not to cause this kind of confusion but in this case it was not done. It runs just fine.

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55 minutes ago, kalensar said:


The ZIP is the mod file in this case. Pk3 are just zip files at their core. Generally we name them as pk3 to differentiate from a normal zip so as not to cause this kind of confusion but in this case it was not done. It runs just fine.

Thanks, I understand now and it works.

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