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Nick Perrin

Desert Warrior Team Needs a Name!!!!

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That's right boys- I've been away for the past week and can't get doom up on my newly installed OS(Win2000, my computer actually works well now!) or get internet up so I'm writing this from a different computer.

Desert Warrior. The demo will be out in while, not too soon due to the kind of detail and craziness(good craziness) you'll see in the mod.

But in the meanwhile, I have to put up a new team website, but before I can publish a URL the team needs a name.

So... I will take any suggestions, but the team names should be something related to the content of the TC(eg. counter-terrorist themed names, etc.).

If someone has a good suggestion and you want to support it, do so! This way I can choose a name that a lot of people like.

Name(and joke) away!


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Team Impsecx.

Team Apocolypse.

Or something. :P

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The Camel Crew
'Nick Sync
Alpha Squad
Zlpha Squad
The Squad
Police Squad (In color!)
The Desert Warriors
The Happy-go-lucky Hard Workers
Team Mirage
The Mirageinators
Desert Darkness
Desert Death
Dark Desert Death

I can say a few more if you would like. :D

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Ct_red_pants said:

All Stars Super Heroes And There Shite.

Best Name Evar.

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Ralphis said:


How about you SHUT UP if you don't have a name.

Edit: Those "Nick Perrin" names don't work cuz its a team, not just me.

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m0l0t0v said:

Anything ending with "software" sounds too corny IMO...

*cough* Unholy Software. *cough* :P

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Trasher][ said:
Bonus Stage

Club You Fail It
Game Over
The Who Team


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Circle of Mappers
Mappers Anonymous
That Bunch Of Guys Who Do Levels For And Stuff For EDGE
Desert Warrior Team (teh original!!!!1)
The Left Testicle

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Ultimate DooMer said:

I still think 'Team Sandstorm' is the best one...

Yeah, it's pretty good. I think we may have a winner!

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