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Playing freedoom

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Ok this is a completely dumb question but how do you get this thing to work. I have doom and I got the file with the iwad in it, but when I go to play all I get are the sprites and effects but im playing on the original doom leveles and not freedoom. How do I get to play freedoom maps???? Thanks

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Ok, well, if you got the playable IWAD, then you need to run it as follows:

C:\your-doom-dir\doom.exe -iwad C:\your-doom-dir\freedoom.wad

Where doom.exe is whatever engine you use and freedoom.wad is the playable IWAD. I'm not sure if it works for Vanilla Doom, I don't have that (stupid Doom95)...

Alternatively, you can use the regular freedoom wad along with the regular Doom/Doom2 and it'll replace everything it the wad, but not have the missing stuff that's not done.

Just use:

C:\your-doom-dir\doom.exe -file C:\your-doom-dir\freedoom.wad

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The main freedoom.wad has everything in it except for levels. For those you need the seperate freedoom_levels.wad file from the download page. freedoom.wad is like the "resource wad" you see, which is why they're seperate.

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