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Captain Red

old topic, new idea...

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With regards to wolf 3D the secret levels:

Now I know you’ve had a lot of threads about this, but an idea came to mind as I was trolling some wolf 3D forums. Now, you’re not going to be able to use a dehacked patch, and as such, the secret level titles will remain wolfenstein and grosse. So what I was thinking was, how about we find a wolfenstein TC with a new SS nazi done from scratch and re-make the equivalent maps into a doom maps (with the authors permission of corse) the same way the original wolf maps where remade into doom 2? It would effectively kill to birds with one stone. Think about it...

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The term is "lurking", red. Not "trolling", that's different.

And yeah, that'd actually be pretty cool. Except pretty much all Wolf3d TC arts are based off Wolf3d art somehow...

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I think map31 and map32 should be something else...
There must be a other idea for these maps.

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