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Mr Masker

What are your Relaxing Games?

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3 hours ago, rita remton said:

[just cause 3] with all the [dlc]s. i like to freely fly around the huge open-world island while enjoying the awesome scenery :)

you are better at video games than me.  I wanted to like that game so much, but I couldn't get the swing of it. 

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Half-Life, Doom... basically all those games that have rows and rows full of mods


Not just any type of Mods, Obviously I like Mods with history, I won't complain if it doesn't have one as long as it has love behind it and is pleasant to play... I think that the Modding community is Really cool

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Honestly, it's Doom, and it's Quake, and it's all the rest under that umbrella.


Retro shooters to me are the easiest games to zen to. It's part of why I have no real interest playing super hard maps or the like, I have a pace I'm comfortable with, and when I just want to do nothing but descend into a relaxed mode of sensation, I turn to them. I also turn to them when I get stressed with whatever else is going on in my life. 


It's why my attitude towards say Doom Eternal is that it's a different beast from Doom 1 and 2 and I like it but not for the same pick-up-and-play reasons. 

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Oh yay, this thread got some activity! I got some great answers when i first started it. I don't really have as much of an answer for my "Relaxing Games" currently, but I don't really play games as much, so that's probably why.


Hearts of Iron 4 or other Paradox Strategy games can be chill experiences, depending on the play through. Just starting a game in single-player, clicking the decision buttons and watching the map go by can be quite relaxing. The combat can be difficult depending on loads of variables, but generally I can have a fun time.


I'll play some rogue likes on Switch sometimes to pass the time, portable consoles and rogue-likes are a great combination. Dicey Dungeons and Enter The Gungeon are good picks for me. I also got Hollow Knight on there recently, I've already beat it on PC, but it's still a brilliant game. The Switch is still an impressive system to me, being able to play home console games completely portably. I remember when the DS version would be DRASTICALLY different from home console versions (and usually lesser)

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Posted (edited)

Vice City (not on the missions), driving around to 80s hits, maybe doing some taxi jobs, wandering around like that in other games too.

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Sims 4, for all its bugs and design choices, can still be a suprising game to waste away a few days. As can exploring Oblivion and Skyrim with light cheats to not worry about carry weight.


I want to say 'lol Doom' but that only works with really old mapsets that are smaller in size, modernday stuff is often magnum opus-filled stress thats enjoyable, but hard for me to get into if I need to relax.

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Posted (edited)

As op states, stuff to relax with is subjective, and as such I have a wide range of games I play super casually.


Currently Palworld is still consuming most of my gaming time. I tend to spend a lot of it chilling/building around the base, casually leveling up in the process, and breeding my pals. Sometimes I go out to walk my chillet and explororize/wreak havoc, or go mining for the billion ore I need lol.


I also love to do Hollow Knight and A Link to the Past randos; randos are peak relaxation. I love metroidvanias/randos and side-scrolly fighting games, so those really fit the bill for something new-ish while still being familiar enough to not have to think much about playing well, just where to go next 😄 Helps also that both (and many other randos) are highly customizable to tailor the experience to your preference.


Few other honorable mentions for being fun, chill times every once in a while:

Snake Pass, for being the definition of a chill game, just is a bit short at 15 levels.

Vampire Survivors, it gives you 30 minutes per round for the most part and you can bet that a good amount of that is spent relaxing watching the numbers go up lol

Zelda 2/Oracle series, or any other zelda for that matter.

Battle of Olympus, I love the music, the setting, the combat, and constant threat of each area as you explore the world's mazes of screens. I've played through it a ton of times over my life and at this point it's just super comfy.

Crystalis for similar reasons. I guess any nostalgic game one is hugely familiar with could fit the bill here really.

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