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There's a new book due out May 6th named Masters of Doom: How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture. The two guys referred to in the subtitle are John Carmack and John Romero. The Amazon page transcribes the praise available on the back cover of the book. It looks pretty interesting.

"Masters of Doom tells the compelling story of the decade-long showdown between gaming's own real-life dynamic duo, played high above the corridors of Doom in the meta-game of industry and innovation. With the narrative passion of a true aficionado, Kushner reminds us that the Internet was not created to manage stock portfolios but to serve as the ultimate networked entertainment platform. It's all just a game."
-Douglas Rushkoff, author of Coercion, Ecstasy Club, and Nothing Sacred

It makes me wonder a little bit that this book chooses to focus on Carmack and Romero instead of the large team that contributed to the game. Maybe we'll be able to post a review of the book eventually.

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"Masters of Doom paints a fascinating portrait of visionary coders transforming a previously marginal hobby into a kind of 21st-century art form -- and enraging an entire generation of parents along the way"

I like the bit about enraging parents. Heh.

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ya i saw this a weekago on this magazine called gameinformer ya it sounds really cool im definately getting this book btw somethin else cool on the same magazine in the back they have the release date for doom3 for those who care itll be out on october3 ..

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