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Hellswarm (Monster Randomizer)

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A very early version of a monster randomizer that I've been working on, utilizing numerous monsters from realm667.  The goal for this one is balance as other randomizers like to throw crazy hard enemies at the player.  Enemies that are stronger than the ones they are replacing are less common.  Also, I only chose enemies that had unique abilities so my randomizer doesn't get too bloated, realm667 has a lot of monsters that play similar to each other.  I don't recommend playing this with a doom 1 megawad since Boss enemies are replaced and that could cause issues, I may make a doom 1 version in the future.  I recommend playing this with a weapon mod like Final doomer, you could try the vanilla weapons but final doomer is what I've tested this mod with.




Monsters Featured:


Zombie Replacers:

image.png.be0d1dd72a3aa46aa0e1173679356c37.pngNailborg (replaces zombieman): very rare

Credits - Mechadon, Dreadopp, Neoworm


image.png.4c08b4601806c1c010cdb95715dc6cab.pngStealth Fighter (replaces shotgunner), uncommon

Credits - Dreadopp, Bouncy, The Innocent Crew


image.png.c32b541f52706bd9cb881bb167cf36b5.pngSuper Shotgunner (replaces shotgunner), very rare.

Credits - Rhoq, Aerial, Ghastly, The Skulltag Team


image.png.d33e841dfbe0eb71e40c76acbc2b2dd1.pngExterminator (replaces chaingunner), uncommon

credits - TheMightyHeracross, Graf Zhal, The Innocent Crew, osjclatchford, Colin Portratz, David G, Minigunner


image.png.435b770eef976f151e997c02073137f6.pngJetpack Zombie (replaces chaingunner), uncommon

credits - Ghastly_dragon, Captain Toenail, 

image.png.219d21d8b07231c4eb4db506f8f00aa7.pngUber Chaingunner - rare

credits - TheDoomedArchvile, HorrorMovieGuy, Touhou Hisouten, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody


image.png.7ec5752ce1a397d001c7407063e0ac88.pngZsec Zombies - Replaces shotgunners or chaingunners, uncommon - rare


credits - Mark Quinn, Vegeta, Xim, Ghastly_dragon, MagicWazard


image.png.3c9792881e5de3c73754b2cbff7015d7.pngDevastator zombie (replaces chaingunner), very rare.

credits - ItsNatureToDie, neoworm, Captain Toenail, Xim, Ghastly_dragon, scalliano, Eriance



Imp replacers:


image.png.096deeae661b2e101bd1a91440462464.pngVulgar - common

credits - Eriance, Ghastly, Dreadopp

image.png.d673d99a9dd228c26be3de56c17f58c5.pngCatharsi - uncommon

credits - Tormentor667, Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper, Rottking

image.png.fbcba917659d5e58529d0e6338247341.pngSpirit Imp - uncommon


credits - Ghastly Dragon, Tormentor667, Keksdose, Vader


image.png.c66d53280f1d8842bbbe9180146f7ac2.pngGrin - uncommon

credits - Conejo, Stopsignal


image.png.943d004985c3b0c56be1afe1ac24d9ba.pngPyro Imp - uncommon

credits - Dreadopp, Eriance

image.png.9db18509a3eb22ad5ac4ffb4de93ee07.pngImp Warlord - uncommon

credits - Espi, Nanami, Popsoap, Keksdose

image.png.2cd2c88b6e4e82106c04f24ff6c5ade0.pngNightmare Imp - uncommon

credits - Shallow B, PGE

image.png.126960da5ee3a6aa951b66abdcd829d0.pngRoach - uncommon

credits - Ghastly_dragon, Sandypaper, Mike12

image.png.0cbb7705b4f66b7502b542a95c699472.pngAguras - rare

credits - Dreadopp, Sandypaper, Eriance


image.png.af89f52a267fffe2f5cefba9805f05ca.pngTime Imp - very rare

credits - NovaKiller, Tormentor667


image.png.17ca95b1b5c1e5b846c8d4744b6ce550.pngDark Imps - uncommon

credits - Eriance, Skelegant, Ghastly Dragon, ItsNatureToDie, Nanami, Jaeden, Vader, Skulltag, Sandypaper, Cyb



Pinky Replacer:

image.png.58cb4b12503884cb4d9c3960bfbf5b9e.pngPyropork - common

credits - Stopsignal, Conejo

image.png.a89ab273844744cc993e60909e7ab788.pngMauler Demon - common

Credits - KDiZD Team, Ghastly, Sandypaper, Eriance, Kristus

image.png.73e7e296f7c4cacfc1ae8afa8b77e0fd.pngSawcubus - common

credits - Bouncy, Graf Zahl, Ganbare-Lucifer, Captain J, aeea7835, Eriance, ItsNatureToDie, Kinsie

image.png.3be7c0e394429bffba1511d87210acb8.pngWraith - uncommon

credits - Captain Toenail, Vader, Ghastly_dragon

image.png.fd3db9ab0dcd3cd854b2b785d701b5f7.pngStone Demon - rare

credits - Jimmy, Eriance



Spectre Replacements:

image.png.a35abc92d0ab14294a1380fb8fe1b8ee.pngnightmare - common

credits - Eriance, Ghastly, KDiZD Team

image.png.6157e4fd433e36e76c76cb5bcd532e73.pngFlesh Wizard - uncommon


credits - Melvin, Ghastly Dragon, Gez, Freedoom

image.png.5c7adcae9cb230320e0c8b0abd2a0cdb.pngIllus - uncommon

credits - Vader, Ghastly Dragon



Lost Soul Replacer:

image.png.191f31403b3ed4715afaa873c5210561.pngFlesh Spawn - common

credits - Vader, Ghastly, Sandypaper

image.png.0ae159bb9cc7c71195b5c8fcf1ed6cf5.pngChiller soul - common

credits - Captain Toenail, Ganbare-Lucifer, Ghastly_dragon, Aerial

image.png.f5b23f571d167b53d23fb7beec3538e8.pngPsychic Soul - common

credits - Neoworm, Maelstrom

image.png.91da6c246c27876ced47da33d31d1983.pngRictus - rare

credits - Captain Toenail, Ghastly, Dreadopp

image.png.f924d2605dcdd144fe7529643071588f.pngEthereal Soul - rare

credits - Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper, Neoworm, Vader

image.png.c5363ef80760089e37a12bc6f93191e6.pngTerror - rare


credits - Tormentor667, Keksdose



Revenant Replacer:

image.png.d28c98360e6ffd4c21564e16c0b1244a.pngGhoul - Common

credits - DBJ87, MagicWazard, DBT, IMX

image.png.daba499a2a506cf636f2d8edb05905ad.pngDeath Incarnate - uncommon

credits - Eriance, Blue Shadow, MagicWazard, Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper, 

image.png.572a5ec408c3b5b591291b028efbe547.pngDeath Knight - very rare

credits - Eriance, Ghastly



Cacodemon Replacer:

image.png.3977850a0d433767d07b84f2490f0ec6.pngFallen - common

credits - Eriance, Ghastly Dragon, Herculine

image.png.3352c25dc5acd3efc4d75260b82d4fc8.pngInferno - common

credits - Eriance, Ghastly, Dreadopp

image.png.3ebbd4d470b28a64423cb42ca601f6a1.pngArachnorb - common

credits - Jimmy91, Sandypaper, Yurithehairfan

image.png.5f1bb0f828879d10d8f973f08364a021.pngCacolitch - uncommon

credits - Bouncy, TheDarkArchon, Ghastly, Vader

image.png.9c097788a765d68998396482a18c6c27.pngAgathodemon - uncommon

credits - Jimmy, Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper, Eriance

image.png.c4cb5ee8db7d651961bf31f8ad5b78fd.pngPoe - Rare

credits - Vader, Eriance, Tormentor667, hnsolo77

image.png.1ab14ad3ca444573c65554dd4798e65f.pngAbbadon - rare

credits - Skulltag, Gothic, David G, Vader

image.png.c38bcfe8c0fcfcacb591bb141a3da91a.pngcrackodemon - very rare

credits - Ghastly Dragon, Icytux



Pain Elemental Replacer:

image.png.41da0064e8d86492736fe837bbf0ecad.pngTortured Soul - common

credits - Dreadopp, Assmaster, Xaser, Nick

image.png.a4c7491e6fc36ab706a33842a9da7bc4.pngGrell - common

credits - Sandypaper, Xaser, Ghastly, Eriance, NMN

image.png.2111fd3766c6eb180f25010671bcf9fa.pngFrost Elemental (spits chiller souls) - uncommon

credits - Aerial, Fury3, Ganbare-Lucifer, Wartorn

image.png.b12aee9428bd3fdc2c3abcadd4f76b16.pngWeakener - uncommon

credits - Enjay, Infirnex, Blue Shadow

image.png.5a9e1a4f33e03a38b80f8e3079e40118.pngHades Elemental - very rare

credits - Amuscaria, Blue Shadow, MagicWazard, Ghastly Dragon, Keksdose, Sandypaper

image.png.61e7b8cd689af8f84797d44ad07ac7ca.pngOverlord - very rare

credits - Eriance, Blue Shadow, MagicWazard, Ghastly Dragon, Dreadopp



Arachnotron Replacer:

image.png.0f13d3df212f112814d7b948cdf1d6cf.pngFusion Spider - common

credits - Tormentor667, Ghastly, Dreadopp, Sandypaper, InsanityBringer

image.png.ee8461ce7c647d5edd40ae9ab23180a1.pngRailgun Spider - uncommon

credits - Tormentor667, Captain Toenail, Ghastly



Mancubus Replacer:

image.png.5aa6bee4222d714493eb44fce6431af9.pngLava/Mud Golem - Common

credits - Himalayanapplebutter, Gothic

image.png.9d40a3b027e676d81a4bf34aebcd5ea0.pngshadow beast - uncommon

credits - Rolls, Tormentor667, Ghastly_dragon, Croteam



Hellknight Replacer:

image.png.a71d53c7660c334381293e59ad17909a.pngHell Warrior - common

credits - Vader, Tormentor667, Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper

image.png.f31b77973a1a5581fbf2923786d1944f.pngAfrit - common

credits - Nanami, Ghastly_dragon, Keksdose, Herculine, Espi, Ebola

image.png.9c52b1910a37351dae97e127ec7a1d02.pngCybruiser - very rare

credits - Amuscaria, Ghastly, Dreadopp, SandyPaper,

image.png.9e74600d0edb05d61f93cb66eba4eaab.pngHell Paladin - very rare

credits - Finalizer, Tormentor667, Vader, JohnCook1994, Gothic, Amuscaria, HorrorMovieGuy, Wolfendoom


There's also a rare chance that a hellknight will spawn as a Baron



Baron replacer:

image.png.fef1bd85d340cc6c42dc020a1e387d3e.pngHell's Fury - common

credits - Tormentor667, Ghastly Dragon, Keksdose, Sandypaper, Vader

image.png.91608d22098502979d1140ee9716452b.pngDeep One - uncommon

Credits - Dr. Doctor

image.png.d024617a570645c22e4c43c0c6f9a0b9.pngLord of Hersey - uncommon

credits - Bouncy, Tormentor667, Ghastly, zippy, vader

image.png.aa3c2da1d9013368ca5768ac935ae55d.pngArchon of Hell - very rare

credits - Eriance, Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper

image.png.2724c6a3dacf62915164a090788139ad.pngBruiser Demon - very rare

credits - Vader, Ghastly Dragon, Keksdose, Sandypape

image.png.a355abf8fa30986241d5e301d30d74a4.pngPyro Demon - very rare

credits - Eriance, Maelstrom

image.png.c536a6cf09f40d9a7bc73c6bbc7e2b1a.pngAzazel - very rare

credits - Ghastly Dragon, DBThanatos



Archvile Replacer:

image.png.14e9fa7310b73d8b7f6e7bf30a2ae370.pngSummoner - common

credits - DBThanatos, Noiser, Amuscaria, Craneo

image.png.b4b8b6f59a1bc6891bdb7eda4f70635d.pngHierophant - common

credits - Eriance, Blue Shadow, Ghastly_dragon

image.png.61efa1f8b0c7dad0e98035e00572ad6c.pngDivine Shadow - very rare

credits - ZZYZX

image.png.7019fab81a794d2072159a6583182902.pngDiabloist - very rare

credits - Amuscaria, Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper



Spidermastermind Replacers:

image.png.d6a0bd79698d26388479ef27ced1e680.pngArachnophyte - common

credits - Xaser, Quasar, Ghastly, Dreadopp

image.png.9b2fb6a4a301263692b7952fb8c69448.pngHaedexebus - common

credits - DeVloek, Ozymandias81, Eriance, yuraofthehairfan, zrrion the insect

image.png.213c88d9249722305c976b6d04cad522.pngArachnorb queen - uncommon

credits - Yuraofthehairfan, MagicWazard, Dreadopp, Graf Zahl, Jimmy, Beaublen

image.png.27ca0aa22ce10d272925233218ac439b.pngSupreme Fiend - very rare

credits - Ghastly Dragon, Raz

image.png.a90259d907704be4de094d0dfcda350c.pngDemolisher - very rare

credits - Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper, Eriance



Cyberdemon Replacer:

image.png.8966545d63f5e4d6c36079a2b2f63b57.pngTerminator - uncommon

credits - Dreadopp, Sandypape, Vader, Ghastly, Eriance

image.png.ae4b4255a206108cff16b00910f5440f.pngAnnihilator - very rare

credits - Eriance, Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper, 

image.png.2e52963dc2100828e2fd495f3238f85f.pngThamuz - Very Rare

credits -  Dreadopp, Virtue, DBThanatos, Jimmy






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