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"Waste Processing"

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Ninth map in the Blind Alley series for Doom 2. "Waste Processing"

A very fun play with pretty decent scenery. No port required.

Under normal play I do not consider it a hard play in UV. You will never have to hunt for ammo in there, that is the least of your problems. Skill levels may come in handy until you learn the map. UV on this map is however aimed at the experienced player.

Feedback and/or demos always appreciated.

I recommend you watch the enclosed Legacy Max demo of the level before you play it. Unless you just love to die in the traps I have set for you.

Now get busy, the carnage is waiting!!


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the 4-cornered rooms are interesting.
I liked the demo.
we should make a pool to guess what the next letter in the series is. :)

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You mean the swiss cross rooms? It is an intersting opener.

It would not be a tough guess as to the next letter in the series, however the next two map names would be a tough guess and worthy of a pool.

Rich's demo is good and the map is a fun play.

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I remember using that name*. :)

*Yes this is my map. :P

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Rotting Corpse said:

You should post some pics.

Have a look in the Newstuff there are some pics there.

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Magikal thanks, nice job on the demo! Great time, and very enjoyable.

If you guys want to see some pics download the map and watch the Legacy demo, the file is not all that large. Then if you don't like it, delete it. But I think you will like it. Skill levels are there.

Magikal may possibly be posting his demo on his page.

Legacy high res. looks good on the included demo and the map.

BTW, just finishing up on the next one. My nicest so far.

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