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Tsocheff Midi Palace

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working on 3 midis currently. one is going to be an orchestral dominant midi so expect to see that in a couple days

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19 minutes ago, tsocheff said:

i've been thinking about turning every guitar track from the horror game "cry of fear" into midi. if i do that, here's the first one


I was mapping to this yesterday and it looped so many times before I noticed. Really good stuff. I'll have to give the others a listen later.

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getting spoiled today, forgot to upload these. the first one was made randomly in an hour and the second one was inspired by bands like minor threat



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i've been working on this for the past month, tried to go for a prog-rock epic for this. first time making a 10 minute midi and was a goal of mine for a while. next goal is to make a 20+ minute. hope you enjoy. 

Kingdom Death.zip

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