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Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

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2 hours ago, jmpt16 said:

need translation

"Good nonsense is not bad. Edwin from Asylum writes:


I've invented for the game Doom, it doesn't matter which Doom, cheats on how to fill everything up and you'll never die. You have to type HOLDA when you are playing. If you type FATTY you'll turn into a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

And if you shoot a guy to death you have to type DMXXXXPIS, then you can pick up his corpse and put dynamite in the place of his heart, then the whole level will explode and you go to the next level.

Type PLAYFULNESS and Cookie Monster and Big Bird will help you fight.

And if you type HRTPIS you can piss on a guy, which will scorch him completely.

If you type MUTANT the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will help you.

When you are playing, type CANDY, then you can select a picture with the mouse, then close Doom and go to Word or another program. Then type PASTE DADDY SUPERGLUE and you can print or edit the picture (depending on which program you have).


Don't worry Edwin, the men in the white coats are coming."

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On 10/28/2023 at 12:52 AM, Shakariki Heisenberg said:

someone who knows how to make games make this pls 

I can do it myself, there's already crewmate sprites and the hardest part will just be making a system for catching keyboard presses to make custom vanilla style cheats, but I'm currently busy with other stuff.

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IDFURRY - replaces EVERYTHING with furry related stuff, pretty self explanatory

IDVILE - replaces every enemy, item, decoration, and weapon with an archvile or an archvile variant

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turns you into the icon of sin and lets you fight with other monsters while they attack you, you have 1000 health and you need to kill all monsters to progress.

you can spawn mini-romero(s) to attack other monsters, each has 40 health.

to turn it off just type "idbadcheatcode"

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IDPARADOX - Activates Doom 2016 mode even though it is 1993 and Doom 2016 is still 23 years in the future.

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IDSPLODE - cheeky little suicide command that causes the player to explode in the same manner as a rocket or barrel.

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