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Midnight Movie Marathon: Spooky Sequel Season: Version Zero Demo- The coming attractions of the soul

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Title: Midnight Movie Marathon: Spooky Sequel Season


File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FrbyWm3qp-J1BLkp6PA1HcK0S8UCRNHN/view?usp=sharing


Format: A game for the GZDOOM engine with UDMF format that uses the Doom2 IWAD or Freedoom2 IWAD as a base.



Happy Halloween Doomworld! 


For your entertainment I present my project for NaNoWADMo with how far it has come so far.


My project for NaNoWADMo 2023 Is A love letter to Midnight movies and Movie theaters in general,  and a tribute to my specific local non-profit art deco Theater that has an annual tradition of a Horror movie marathon the Saturday night before halloween  from Midnight to Midday. 


It's also an attempt at a next gen reimagining of a project I did 2 years ago on a more primitive game engine then GZDOOM. If you would like to check out the “Prequel” it's here and plays more like Wolf3D




So Far the Demo is one level long and Contains two “Levels” Doom As Well and FreeDoom: the Movie


“Doom as well” is a tribute to the Doom 2 IWAD and all that makes it unique from the Doom 1 IWAD. It was originally a Speedmap for PUSXXX, now reimagined with the dialogue I always wanted to be there, but was constrained by it not being UDMF format. 


“Freedoom: The Movie” Is my attempt to give a coherent backstory to the assorted Art assets of Freedoom V0.11.3 by turning it into a visual novel Lovecraftian detective story. I promise I did not plagiarize the plot of Freedoom because I don't know what it is


Feedback is always greatly appreciated, especially for this first demo release. I plan to work on the next three levels for the end of November. Enjoy the Show!




Edit: Additional Screenshots Folder link as I forgot about the size restrictions on Posts



Edit 11/3:

Updated Game file to fix a few critical Bugs and changed the screenshots so Its a link to a google drive folder.  Also as this slipped my mind the first time I posted this, 

Here is Credit for Art Assets I used in this Project that I did not create


Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No. 1 - Midi

Alien Ant Farm - The Movies - Midi

System of a Down - Violent Pornography - Midi

KNIGHTRIDER OF DOOM - Fight to the end - Midi

KNIGHTRIDER OF DOOM - The NeverEnding Sunset - Midi

Tormentor667 - NIGHTMARE ANIMATIONS PACK - Textures

Freedoom V 0.11.3 - Various textures and  Midi files




Edited by Yagacaw : Update Demo File To Fix Bugs

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Quick Update:


In my enthusiasm to post the demo before the end of month for NaNoWADMo,  I seem to have left some glaring bugs, Mostly all the missing textures when the Doom2 IWAD is used to play “freedoom: the movie” As i had not realized during dev that the Freedoom IWAD was not one-to-one but had extra textures not found in doom2. So I reskinned a lot of the level and  I Fixed some bugs and updated the file in the version in the original Post. Sorry about that y'all. I'm still a beginner with the GZdoom engine and mapping in general. Also updated the original Post with credit for any art assets not created by me. Next time I bump this Post Shall be with more Levels of the final game and not just bug fixes. 


Changes in Demo V2

Fixed the Missing textures and flats in “Freedoom: The Movie” when using the Doom2 IWAD, now all missing textures are stylistic choices. 

Removed Debug voodoo doll in the Computer Core

Fixed Broken Textures in Alien Bird Throne Room

Made the walls unpassable so you can't fall off the side of Throne room anymore

Front desk blocks all at laser tag arcade now

Fixed wall height on buildings in Meat mountain area so it doesn't look off by a story

Added decorations to make secret easier to find with changed textures 

Fixed missing blood trenches

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